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4 days ago

It's me & Ethan

I can see it's dirty.

I read the check list which hangs on the back of the door .

The tick tells me was cleaned this am.

Circles of powdered makeup sprinkle the sink.

Stray blades of grass lay abandoned on the floor .

Sweet wrappers ,ladies toiletry wrappings ,and scrunched up toilet roll decorate nearby .

Mud is stuck deep within the groves of the cold tiled floor ( well, I think it's mud )

The lock doesn't work .

I've to trust my toddler to wait outside with his older brother and hope that he doesn't do what toddlers do - bolt.

There's three of us in here and a wheelchair.

There's no room for us all but I cannot do this alone .

We've to bring enough sheets to cover the floor .

We've to use his top as a pillow because we are afraid he will hit his head .

I've to get down on my hands and knees as the other adult hands me what I need .

My back is soar , my knees click as I wipe and clean him as fast as I can .

He's cold.

He's uncomfortable.

He's loosing his dignity having to be cleaned like this .

That breaks my heart.

It shouldn't be this hard .

He's bigger now , it takes two of us to stand him up again and place him gently into his chair .

We clean up .

We don't bother complaining anymore .

We leave and as we do we spot a group of kids going into the toilet ....

Please help me change this - not only for Ethan and not only for Galway

Please sign the petition and share the heck out of it

To join in and to help please like the page Changing Places Galway

As always folks ,thanks for reading ,sharing and commenting 😘😘😍

#bloveethan #itsmeandethan #changingplacesgalway

Changing Places Galway
People with disabilities are being excluded from activities that their able-bodied peers enjoy everyday due to inaccessible bathrooms.
We want to recognise the impact this has on families like Ethan's and Paddy's.
If you agree that they deserve the same level of dignity and safety as others, then please sign our petition for an accessible Changing Place Bathroom in Galway

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1 week ago

It's me & Ethan

And an average Saturday is currently underway here .

I'm so thankful for average 😂

There are no coughs ,no snots and no all nighters 🤗

Ethan didn't get up til 11.45am and only 'cos I woke him 😉

I'm guessing this could be due to getting up early during the week & having restless nights or it could be just hunters tiring out my boy but until it happens more often , I'll say it's because he's tired from his party nights 😉

There's no point in worrying about the "why's " right now as I see the heartbreak within our community, Ethan sleeping longer isn't really something to worry about ,just yet 💔

Today I opened Ethan's birthday present from us .

Puppets .

He used to love them.

So I took a gamble and ordered three "people" puppets a few weeks ago.

The gamble wasn't with the cost of these puppets but with our hearts really, if I'm totally honest.

I prepared myself for him to not care about them or react to them ; with hunters syndrome progressing I knew there was a huge chance Ethan wouldn't react but there was a slight chance he would ...hence the gamble 😉🙏

I took as many photos and videos as I could as Ethan laughed ,kissed , pulled , talked and threw his puppets which we named "Grumpy Grandpa ", "Nancy" and "Timmy" ....

Below are just *some of the photos I managed to take while channeling my inner "Keith Harris"😂😂

*- I took so many my phone shut down 😱

If there's anything hunters has taught me ,it's to capture as many seemingly ordinary moments as possible while I still can ....

As always folks thanks for reading,sharing and commenting 😘😍

#bloveethan #itsmeandethan #puppets
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1 week ago

It's me & Ethan

This time next month it will be party time 😱🙌🙏

I'm busy writing my list of things I have to do in the build up this BIG event 💕😎

My darling hubby is away the week of the big day , so the ol family & friends will be roped into helping 👊😂 there's a real bonus to having so many siblings 🙌😉

Thankfully, hubby gets back just in time for the party , convenient, ( for him )I know 🙄😉

This week has been a bit of a busy one once again ,which has left me with some questions and important observations / revalations 😉

- July provision is a minefield

- my dog is better behaved than my four year old son

- Ethan does not like Weetabix , sugar or honey ain't helping that good down any easier .

- Why do professionals start the conversation with "I won't keep you long ..." But they do keep you long ?

- When a dog sh1ts in the back garden, she never picks the same spot ,why ?

- why didn't I cut the grass before we got the dog ? It's like a forest which keeps giving you brown stuff each and every time you go out to clean that brown stuff - I think she enjoys watching J or I hunt 🤔

- my middle son is a magpie , hear me out - I lost a very sentimental beautiful locket and was sure it was gone forever but alas our magpie found it as it glistened in the shrubs of our front garden - how did it get there ? No idea - zero clue 😱 but glad he found it 🙌

- I may have a slight addiction to hoovering - which is the dogs fault really ( shedding like it's in fashion !)

- And finally for now , Heatons online has amazing amazing clothes for kids 😉 all very good quality & so so cheap 😱 did you folks already know this ? I've just found out, it's bloody awesome 🙌 😉

Next week brings more of the same minus the online shopping 😥

I've appointments longer than my arm and my will for these appointments doesn't even reach my elbow ...oh well ,maybe my magpie may find me something shiny in the form of the lotto numbers 😎🙃🤗😂

( And yes , I look tired in the photo below because I am 😜)

As always folks thanks for reading ,let me know how your week was or any revalations you've had this week - please share 👇😎😉

#bloveethan #itsmeandethan #buildupto16
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  1. Did you ever find out what the canteen lady’s name was? I have 2 aunts who work there and was just wondering if it was one of them. Because the way you describe her sounds like them both. But all the staff are so kind and get little or no recognition for the job they do. So from myself and the many times I’ve spent overnight with my 3 boys (ESPECIALLY my eldest son now 18) thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart xxxx

    1. Hey Suzanne! Yes I did indeed. Nora is the lovely ladies name! Yoou’re absolutley right, there are many amazing ladies and gents working there, that’s for sure. Thank you so much for taking the time to get in contact. Wishing you and your boys well x

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