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Good evening folks 😘
I see our Irish weather is slowly returning wasn't 'Summer' lovely to be fair 🀸🀽
Ethan has not been too well with all this weather changing ; he's currently on an antibiotic and steroids to help shift a nasty infection and cough.
Now , I don't know how many of you folks have experience with Steroids and kids with behaviour issues but let me tell you folks ;it's an absolute fπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Šin' nightmare .
Ethan is currently going between ' I'm a sound kid ' to ' I am going to kick seven bells out of you if you even look at me again' ...there is no happy medium but there is a silver lining 😎-- I give the Steroids in the morning meaning he is sleeping through the night -- a very good tip for those of you who may have to give Steroids at some point - GIVE THEM IN THE MORNING - cos it's party time all night long if you don't --by 'party' I mean things get broken at stupid o clock( in the am) and there's puke and poop all over the place and no one remembers what happened ...yep I learned that 'tip' the hard way πŸ’©πŸ€’
In other news our littlest is currently undergoing a few scans to see what's the situation with his tummy .
Tomorrow he has 'jelly on the belly' ; he's excited to see if SpongeBob lives in his belly -- That may be my influence as it was the one thing that got Ethan to stay still enough for his ultrasounds when he was younger ... Of course we plan to point out who exactly lives in his tummy ...we find the guys doing the scan always oblige our ridiculous notions to encourage our kiddies to sit the F still while they scan.
Fingers crossed our littlest cooperates ;although if we can get Ethan to cooperate with these kinds of test ,there's nothing this toddler can throw at us which we haven't seen before πŸ€£πŸ˜‰
And finally my middle guy is officially on his Summer holidays 😱
We are on the countdown to secondary school folks !!
He graduated this week from primary and was called upon to give a quick speech regarding his recent award. He had no idea this was going to happen. His speech was wonderful , he made everyone laugh ...the shitty part ...I wasn't there, only his daddy went ( with the grandparents).
D taped it for me , which was brilliant but then his phone broke - he didn't get the chance to send me the video or pictures 😭
Alas , at least I did see it ,eh ?!
And that's my round up ( feels like a bit like "our news "-- remember that from primary school?!)
I am currently stuck in the world of writers block but have a few pieces burning away on the iPad just waiting for me to finish...which I will.... I will...πŸ˜΅πŸ˜¬πŸ™ƒ I will....
As always thank you folks for checking in, reading ,commenting and sharing 😘😘
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  1. Did you ever find out what the canteen lady’s name was? I have 2 aunts who work there and was just wondering if it was one of them. Because the way you describe her sounds like them both. But all the staff are so kind and get little or no recognition for the job they do. So from myself and the many times I’ve spent overnight with my 3 boys (ESPECIALLY my eldest son now 18) thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart xxxx

    1. Hey Suzanne! Yes I did indeed. Nora is the lovely ladies name! Yoou’re absolutley right, there are many amazing ladies and gents working there, that’s for sure. Thank you so much for taking the time to get in contact. Wishing you and your boys well x

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