Your Presence Is Required

It’s the sparkling lights,

Soft glows reflected in their faces.

It’s the busyness,hustle n’ bustle,

Meeting friends and some old faces.

It’s the smell of wood burning,

Memories of Christmas’ long ago.

It’s the presents wrapped,

With care; surprises all in a bow.

It’s the laughter at the table,

Brussels sprouts, crackers pulled,toys laying on the floor.

It’s the jokes we’ve all heard before,

Yet we listen in for more.

It’s the ‘smile for the camera’ time,

Cheers to family we hold so dear.

It is the most wonderful time of the year,

It’s the time which brings tears,worries & fears.

It’s the sneaky memories of yesteryear,

Causing us to pause,shed a silent tear.

It’s the memories that keep them alive,

Even if our hearts find it hard.

It’s the stuffed turkey,ice cold beers,

The funny gifts for all to share.

It’s the looking to the future.

Learning to let go of the past.

It’s the slowing down of time,

Sipping wine watching kids play.

It’s all the presence of those we love,

Giving presents & igniting imaginations.

It’s about music we love,

Which only plays once a year.

It’s about the hug, the kiss,

Yep, even that awkward near miss!

It’s about reflection..thankfulness,

Never ending to do lists!

It’s about that feeling,magical and awe,

Sitting with family reeling in the years.

It is the most wonderful time of year,

Which hardly goes by without a tear.

So take the pictures, sit in the chair,

Make the memories you’ll one day hold so dear.

Happy Christmas; pause and be present for those we hold so dear.

Merry Christmas to you all from my home to yours x

This was originally published on Fireflyfriends


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