We are all Irish tomorrow ??????

Saint Patricks day is upon us.

March 17th, when the world goes green and everyone and their dog are Irish.

Despite what the whole world thinks, us Irish are not all drunks, we don’t spend the day drinking- due to family life, work and well, quite honestly, have you any idea how expensive it is to drink in a pub all day long?!!!

Here are a few things to make you a little more Irish than your neighbour claiming to know it all!

Paddys Day, St.Patricks Day, Patricks Day, St.Paddys….all perfectly acceptable ways to say “St. Patricks Day”.

NEVER EVER,EVER is it acceptable to say “Patty”- we have nothing against Patty, just that it’s not HER day, it is Patricks day.

Conas atá tú ? —- how are you? —-to pronounce this, it’s quiet simple —“con nas a thaw 2”
Yes, yes, you sound great! Here’s one more…

Ceol agus craic—— music and the craic—- pronounced as —-” key ol aug us crack”!
Oh you are sucking diesel now!!!

Finally, Sláinte! ——cheers—-pronounced as “sa-lawn- cha”

Please have a happy Paddys day, enjoy being Irish and for the love of Patrick himself, end this Patty lark!!!!!!

Naomh Shona gach duine lá Pádraig!!!! —- happy Saint Patrick’s day everyone!



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