Geraldine with Ethan

The Launch

Tomorrow my book ‘Ethan & Me’ will be officially on sale .

I’m anxious. I have this nervous energy ; I feel like I am awaiting results of some test that I never knew I was taking!

I hope people like it and take from it what they need.

For me, the book is about adversity and how we all face it – some hide, some confide and others like me, write! It’s about life , our life and how it can change in a moment or with an answer to a question.

I have had a few questions about the book . The most common question is how did I write this going through the year I went through?

The answer to that is – I didn’t. This book was written over the course of the year 2019 not 2020. I put the final touches to it in early March of 2020.

The book does not deal with the year I had.

I have had people ask me if it is a sad book. I don’t think so. It’s an honest book, yes there’s sadness but there’s also hope, love, humour , life lessons and joy.

I am honoured to have had so many of you buy the book on pre-order , it has really touched my heart.

I would love if you could, when you have finished the book to leave a review of it on this post or over on “It’s Me & Ethan”

Feel free to join me and Tribes Press over on Facebook at 1.30pm tomorrow for our virtual book launch.



Sinead Langan
January 21, 2021 at 7:47 pm

Mine came today . Am starting tomorrow. Have the day put aside . Wishing you all the luck in the world with it xx

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