The dangers of ‘envisioning’

It has been nearly four weeks since Christmas. In that time, there have been deaths in the MPS community, all children, all sick with the same condition as my son.

If you’ve envisioned what your child would be like at ‘10’, at ‘16’, at ‘25’~ I beg you to stop.

Envision them alive, envision them loved and to be capable of showing love.

I never, ever envisioned my son being ill, my son having to fight a loosing battle.

I envisioned, like we all do, a life full of adventures, full of friendships, full of success,full of good health, full of happiness, full of…full of life.

Now, now I don’t envision, not even for my two healthy boys. All, I ever want is for them to live, know love, show love and have a life. Is there really anything more we need to envision for our children?

Enjoy your children.

Let them be. Just be. Let them be themselves.



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