That one time…in my aunts house….

When is the correct time to interrupt a conversation between two people, who are talking about two different things?

Never. The answer to that is never. It is much wiser ( and much funnier ) to let them come to that conclusion themselves, in their own time, of course.

“What’s she doing there Puds?”our aunt L, nodded towards the kitchen.
There. That nod indicated to me that L was talking about her 2 year old daughter.
Puds, who was facing the door to the kitchen, (she would have had a perfect view of the whole kitchen from where she sat ) was clearly enjoying a moment of RTE’s top notch news reporting,that she didn’t look at our aunt when she spoke.

“Ammm, “Puds glanced at me. I smirked. I knew Puds had no idea aunty L was referring to her daughter. This was the moment, I could have (maybe, should have?) saved my sister from making an ass of herself, but…….!

“Well, what’s she at?” aunty L was obviously loosing her patience at either the holy pants she was trying to sew or at my sister for her painfully slow answer.

“She’s…she’s ok. She’s doing a good job. I think she’s nervous” Puds shrugged her shoulders, looking at me for help. She clearly thought our aunt was testing her understanding of the new news reporter.

“Huh?” Aunty L continued to sew. Oblivious to Puds’ ridiculous answer. I felt a little disappointed. I wanted a “What the heck” or something like that from L but she clearly hadn’t heard a word Puds had said.

Two minutes passed. Bang. Pots and pans were being thrown around the titled kitchen. Puds glanced at the baby, back at me and rolled her eyes. We both knew aunty L wouldn’t take the pots off her, so we stayed seated.

“And, and now Puds?”aunty L, struggled to re-thread the needle.

“Oh, am…” Pud’s mouthed “what the fuck” to me as I tried hard not to show my smirk. I placed my hand over my mouth, just waiting for the conversation to continue.

“Oh am…I dunno. I have no idea. But she seems more comfortable now” Puds sighed.

I let a giggle out.

“What?” Aunty L put down her threaded needle. “What?” she frowned.

I fought harder to keep my giggle quiet.

“What Puds, what did you just say?”, I knew aunty L would have to listen to Puds answers at some point. And here it was. I was loving it. Watching Puds squirm, not having a clue why L was staring at her with such a confused expression.

I let a giggle out.

“Why are you laughing?” L snapped at me. I didn’t answer as Puds was just about to repeat her answer to a now, obviously annoyed L.

“I said, “Puds cleared her throat. “I said, she is doing a good job and…”

I couldn’t hold it in anymore I roared with laughter, while L and Puds stared blankly at me.

“Mary”, L turned her whole body to Puds, she was clearly annoyed at me laughing again. ~She used to tell me that I laughed too much and was quiet honest in telling me it annoyed her to no end~

“Mary, I asked you what the baby was doing!What are you talking about!?” Puds fell off the chair laughing, pointing at the tv screen trying to show aunt L , the new news reporter.

“Ohhh I see.” L smiled, got up and checked on her happy two year old who was now banging two lids together while singing. She came back into the room, baby in her arms,and sat back down. She watched as Puds and I pointed and laughed at the tv.

Suddenly she began to laugh, like a real belly laugh, her chins wobbled, her eyes lit up, we both stopped. We looked at our aunt, we were witness to a miracle~ this was the first and last time we ever heard or saw our aunt laugh~ we began to laugh again, only this time at our aunt and her chins rather than at Puds and her confusion.

****Aunty L is an in-law, I felt that was important to note in this story!****


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