That one time on Quay Street…..

As with most newly married couples,we spent plenty of time showing off my sparkly diamond tanzanite engagement ring and how perfectly it slipped into my diamond wedding ring.
We were stopped often,(100% due to D’s appearance in Don’t tell the Bride) and asked more question than the Gardaí (cops) would ask,while investigating a homicide! We didn’t mind, (and still don’t) but the one common thing these strangers asked us was; if they could see my wedding ring, as they noticed it was never mentioned on the programme- we obviously met the die hard fans of Don’t Tell The Bride! I’d happily oblige and be thankful I was finally included in the conversation, to be totally honest. They always, always bombarded D with questions, one even asked “Are you still married to her?”, while I was standing right beside him! She was clearly not a die hard fan!
We were walking down Quay Street, a very vibrant street in our busy city of Galway, when a group of girls started pointing at D. I say girls, but they were most definitely women who screeched like girls when they spotted “us”.
I had just had a day full of shit, literally; Ethan had the runs,I was heavily pregnant and J was sick with a stomach bug. D had decided to bring me to my favourite restaurant while his parents looked after the boys. Ethan; could not have had anything left to come out and happily went to bed before we left. J suddenly was ‘cured’ when he saw the treats nanny had in her hand.
We stopped and smiled at them as they giggled and came towards us asking if we were that Galway couple. We both nodded.We had the usual line of questions, well, I say,we but really it was D who was being interrogated.”Can we see your ring?” they asked as I rubbed my active belly. “Sure” I held out my hand, waiting for the usual chorus of “Oh my God, did you really pick both these rings out with no help?! You need to teach my boyfriend/husband/ partner how to shop”.
“Ohh, ammm, what’s that?” one of them scrunched up her nose as she pointed at my tanzanite stone. I looked down. Rolling my eyes and being so heavily pregnant, not to mention hungry, I just said “Poop” as they recoiled in horror, I added, “Not mine” THAT made it sound better!!!!!
“My son’s” I quickly added. They nodded like they understood, thanked us for our time and walked away, no doubt disgusted by the two off the telly!!!!
“I’m so embarrassed, did that just happen?” my face flushed as we continued our walk towards Mc Donnaghs.“ Wash your hands before you even think about touching any of MY chips…”D laughed, “Ya dirty bitch!”. He slid my shit filled rings off my swollen finger and tucked them into his jacket pocket, “I’ll clean them later wifey”, he took my hand and we strolled, laughing and imagining the story those ladies would tell their friends!
Oh well…I now almost, always, double check Ethan hasn’t left any ‘surprises’ on me before I leave the house! I’d like to say, lesson learnt, but I’d be lying…


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