Sunshine Boy


Clouds gather as the skies darken,

She can see it before it happens,

His braced legs forcing his feet to stay flat,

Quickly his pace becomes unsteady,

Husle and bustle of TV’s,Radio,Cars…brothers,

Demanding he bites down …hard

His thumb is raw, his eyes red,

There’s nothing she can do ; bar wait,

The sky is dark as his face twists,

A roar is heard as the thunder rolls,

He jumps up ; the lightening has struck,

She follows but keeps her distance ,

Brothers scramble looking for a safer place,

“NOOOOO ” he roars through the flash flood,

She watches close by, imploring the storm to wane,

Time stands still as he battles, cries and shakes,

She can see it before it happens,

The skies brighten up; the sun begins to shine,

His face less red as a smile dances on his lips,

She holds her breath , waitng for the sign,

His eyes beam wide as he wanders through the door,

She see’s the rainbow , gently she takes his hand,

“Come here boys, it’s over” she calls,

The dark clouds evaporate, his laughter fills the room,

Storms come and go; eternally grateful for her Sunshine Boy.






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