Sometimes things happen for a reason…sometimes.



I, personally, don’t think everything happens for a reason – how could I ? (Given Ethans condition)

Sometimes …just sometimes I do think some things do happen for a reason.
Of course,my mammy (typical Irish mammy thing to say; to be fair to her!) was the first to say that line “ah sure Geraldine, ya know everything happens for a reason, there may be a reason you’re not getting on that plane…will ya have a cuppa tea, go on ya will”
I agreed with her and on the grand scheme of things this wasn’t really that bad, it definitely could have been worse but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t disappointed, I was hugely disappointed.
As always when I am angry, annoyed, happy or sad I take to my iPad and begin to write. I wrote all about our non holiday and how much it meant to us. (Which you can read here )
As soon as the piece was published my phone started buzzing. I had messages, emails, tweets and comments all from people who had read the piece and wanted to help.
I was not expecting the public to take the story so much to heart; I simply wanted lowcostholidays to know that sometimes people need a break for many many reason other than just to catch some sun rays, sometimes a holiday means a rest. A rest from back breaking work, a rest from doctors, a rest from appointments , a rest from worry…the list is endless really!
The piece then ran in my local newspaper (Galway Advertiser) and with that came many emails from strangers wanting to help.
I didn’t know how to react. That’s the truth.
Help is a difficult thing to accept. For me, it is hard to accept help from people I know and love; let alone strangers.
There were comments and messages insisting I let people start a ‘go-fund me’ account. I declined Such offers simply because in my world; when I give to a ‘go-fund me’ account it is to help get medical equipment , help a grieving family pay basic bills or much worse – help a family bury their child — so for those reasons I couldn’t justify an account being set up for us; that’s not to say I didn’t appreciate the thought or sentiment of the offer- I did, more than most know.
People then offered their own holiday homes all over our beautiful island of Ireland. Isn’t that just amazing ? While these offers from strangers kept coming in the editors of FamilyFriendlyHQ got in touch with me.
They were genuinely moved by my piece and were trying hard (ever since I sent them the piece to publish) to arrange a little getaway for us.
They came up trumps and insisted I take them up on their offer- two nights away in Wexford.
I responded to every single person who offered help and thanked them so much and was speechless when the editor from our local paper got in contact with a few more people wanting to help.
“I think we should let them” D announced while I tried to politely decline another offer of a donation towards a break away.
“I can’t . I just can’t. I didn’t write it so people would help like this. I just wanted that bloody lowcost to know what they’ve done to us and many like us”
“Sometimes people literally just want to help. How often have you helped people? I think you should accept some help Ger…after all many of them read what you write weekly, maybe it’s their way to let you know that they care, ya know”
As always, my (sometimes) wise husband had a point, maybe I should accept some help and so I did.
There was one man in particular in Galway, who had read our piece in the local paper. He insisted I take a little donation so we could enjoy our few days away. I refused a few times until he emailed and explained why he wanted to help. He doesn’t want to be named, so I won’t name him- but because of him we are going to Dublin and actually seeing some sights – instead of Temple Street hospital.
Thank you for that A – who will forever remain on my Christmas card list !
The editor of the Galway Advertiser had also been scheming behind our backs and along with Board Failte Ireland, they have given us tickets for tours in Wexford and Dublin. Aren’t people generous and thoughtful?
I couldn’t have foreseen the kindness I have been witness to since that story was published.
I replayed that conversation with my mother; maybe some things do happen for a reason!
Maybe she was right ; maybe I wasn’t supposed to fly, maybe I wasn’t supposed to visit Spain – maybe I was supposed to see how much people care, how many strangers were willing to give up their hard earned cash to help us, maybe I was supposed to know that we weren’t alone , we weren’t the only ones to have shite like this happen to us and maybe just maybe I was supposed to see that people do read, they do hear what I say through my words, they do care about my little man Ethan and they obviously care about us – through their actions, words, phone calls, emails and messages …
Yes, sometimes some things happen for a reason– I am happy to be going to Wexford, I’ve never been so it might as well be Spain (who cares if it rains!) and I am delighted to be going to Dublin to actually see Dublin – not Temple Street.
Thank you all for all your comments, messages and offers, you guys turned a potential pain in the arse of a non holiday to a few days away on our little island ending in a birthday party, for yours truly — I really am excited and looking forward to our little adventure.
Thank you so much Olivia, Jane, Susan and Declan – you guys have done so much for our little family.
Ps- J still has no idea he is coming with us and my friend A and her son are meeting us in Dublin for a night away along with two packed days of tours around the capital.


This was originally published on FamilyfriendlyHQ


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