Some more of my writings!

I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with some of the best Family websites, such as, The, and most recently

Below are a few articles which have been published on these sites.

I am going to be very honest here; I am a little bit proud of myself; considering I am still new to blogging ; not so much to writing, writing has always been a passion of mine.

If you enjoy these pieces; share, comment …feedback is a wonderful thing!

Thank you all


Herfamily – I was a guest blogger some months ago; I wrote five blogs in total, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Here are two more from




The Mighty– This site is amazing for any and all people who live a life full of abilities…I’ve written five posts and have had ‘my two pence’ worth added to other blogs posts!

heres one more The Mighty !

I am very new to the Fireflyfriends site but I am certainly in awe of what they do. They create products for children of all abilities…something I admire beyond words.


Another Fireflyfriends!


One of my most shared posts; due to what I believe we all want to say..but can’t. Fireflyfriends


I was asked and honoured to write a piece for The for CARERS week 2015; it was a tough piece to write, here it is- The

So there you have it guys, I haven’t forgotten my own site but I have been busying.

It is an honour that people want to read about Ethan and all he does — Thank you –isn’t enough .

For coming along on our journey , for encouraging us and letting us know we are not alone and for helping in raising awareness for Hunter Syndrome; it is impossible to thank you enough.

For the bottom of our hearts; we humbly thank each and everyone of our readers.

I, personally, am looking forward to working with to bring you guys more and more ‘Ethan’ stories.

Until next time,

Blove Ethan

Ps..don’t forget to ‘like’ Ethans Facebook page -you’ll find the link here: It’s me Ethan

Can you tell I’ve just learned to add links!!!!!!!



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