So Ethan visited the Presidents house…

Ethan and I, 'carefully' looking at the past presidents of Irelands statues.
Ethan and I, ‘carefully’ looking at the past presidents of Irelands statues.
Ethan and a rare moment of calmness...sort of!
Ethan and D…in a rare moment of calmness…sort of!
Ethan happily checking out the podium
Ethan happily checking out the podium



May 15th was international MPS Awareness day. It was also, the 20th anniversary of the Irish MPS Society.
To mark this huge occasion we (the society) were invited to our Presidents abode -Áras an Ùachtaráin, where we would meet Mrs. Sabina Higgins, our Presidents wife.
Excitement and anticipation filled the cold morning air as we packed up the car and hit the long road to Dublin.
Ethan was excited about two things; his DVD player and going anywhere in the car.
D and I were excited with a mixture of nervousness and caution…hence the air of anticipation.
We were dressed in our awareness colours—Blue.
Keeping Ethan happy and clean on the way really wasn’t an issue. He was given plenty of fluids and food before we dressed him, he was getting nothing else until we got to the Àras. We were planning and re planning what to do in case Ethan decided the Áras was the perfect place to see what these new ‘Pedro’ boots could really do. Or in case his bowels decided that the Áras was the perfect place to show case diarrhoea–MPS style. We pretty much planned for everything ‘Ethan style’.
We arrived. What we didn’t anticipate or plan for was the level of excitement Ethan really had, after spending nearly 3 hours in the car; this we should have planned for.
Ethan ran off with me trailing behind him; I wore heels…another thing I overlooked.
He pushed passed the Army—Yes, the Army.
“Guess this little guy is leading the way” they laughed as I mumbled and rushed passed them.
The hallway, (I guess you’d call it) was filled with brass head statues of Irelands past presidents, each standing on beautiful marble pillars. Each of them the same height as our hyped up  whirlwind Ethan. My heart skipped a beat as he began poking Eamon de Valera’s eye.
I caught up to him and dragged him away hoping Eamon didn’t take a hit. Luckily, he didn’t. The members of the Army and the society were now strolling in, admiring the historic hallway. “D’s just parking the car” one of the members clearly saw my eyes scanning the area while I gripped Ethans hand. I nodded and smiled.
Beads of sweat began to fall from my brow (and other places!) as more and more people filled the hallway. I still couldn’t see D and I needed the loo.
“No” I said as firmly as I could as Ethan tested his new boots off my shinbone-yep, they work just fine. My bruise appeared five minutes later. He wriggled. And truthfully, I let him go. Those boots feckin’ hurt. I gave chase as he pushed passed the crowd. We ran straight into D.
Walking ,hopping and running around the beautiful gardens Ethan seemed to calm himself. We made our way back in. I made my way to the toilet—wow, what a loo!!

The drawing room (I have no idea the real name of this room, but it was fancy!) was filled with beautiful china cups with fabulous canapés and waiting staff who were, I have to say, absolutely excellent;one noticed I hadn’t had a coffee and insisted I have one. I love coffee, but I was not willing to run after Ethan with a tiny china Irish Harp embossed cup. I thanked the lady, took two mouthfuls and gave D a turn! I chased Ethan once more while D had his mouthful.
“Ok, while you were in the loo, Ethan wanted the food, Sabina was in the way and…” I looked at D, while he tried not to laugh. Ethan was now standing at the podium. (set up clearly for the President or Sabina to give a speech from) This was the only time Ethan was quiet, we didn’t stop him and laughed while the photographer began snapping pictures of him.
“Did he curse?” my face glowed. “No, he punched her in the face. Right on the nose actually” D added while Ethan told the photographer to “Feg off”.
“We are leaving” I gestured at Ethan to come here. He ran off. D gave chase. I fixed the podiums microphone,apologised to the friendly photographer, and followed D.
Ethan had had enough.
We had had enough.
I didn’t eat a single bite while D had to eat the things Ethan thought looked nice but on closer inspection,(using his tongue) decided they were best left back on the plate. After pushing a few more children around Ethan was ready to go. We sneaked off as Mrs Sabina Higgins took to the podium.

Half an hour later I was trying to clean diarrhoea off a very cranky, over stimulated Ethan in the back of our car while he punched and tried to bite me. I was wiser and had his shoes off as soon as we left the Àras.

I don’t think we will be invited back, society or no society.

*D did apologise to Sabina, who was gracious and understanding ; given the fact that, one hell of a handsome little dude just punched her in face after she tried to say a simple ‘Hello’ to him.



May 21, 2015 at 9:40 pm

Wonderful story, very funny!!

Marlene Bang Jensen
October 15, 2015 at 11:40 am

Oh, Geraldine, I remember those days, when Kasper, MPS 2, age 10, was like this. I miss those days, but it was not funny back then. But you write so well and it seems as you find the humour in it. I would love to meet Ethan -he is Soooo hansome.
Love from Denmark 😉

    October 17, 2015 at 4:37 pm

    thank you for commenting – much love to you and yours …
    I know I’ll look back and want those days back; heck I already do. Ethan is not as wild as he once was but in time I know that will change too..hunter syndrome sure does take an awful lot xxx

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