Summer dances over the horizon,

Seven months have crawled by,

Yet, seven months have sped away,

I’m stuck in a sandpit of sorrow,

Despite the seasons rolling by,

Your smile, your laugh, your voice echoes,  

All the while the sun still rises and sets,

Tears flow, an unstoppable ache grows,

How can the seasons change without you by my side? 

Your fighting spirit ignites a fire in me,

I must learn to live for me and for you,

You lived a life with struggles, strength and oh so much love, 

The least I can do, is honour you, my first born son.

What did you do when I left mammy ?

I want to be able tell you; I carried you with each & every struggle I faced,

Through that sandpit of grief, hour by hour, day by day.

And when the seasons change and time still rolls on by,

I picture you and I sitting together again watching the world go on, 

You, enjoying yoghurt while I sing softly in your ear ; Mammy will always love you, my dear.

Ethan & Me after a yogurt , the evidence is on Ethans nose!

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