It started with an email.

An email asking me to write a blog post for an up and coming fundraising/awareness campaign.

As I wrote the blog, tears fell down my face. This was my life. This was my reality, stripped bear for the world to read.

Would people relate…would people be moved enough to donate thier hard earned cash…would my Irish followers and friends donate on an American site–that question got me thinking…

Thinking about my mother, who would be only too happy to donate but her and computers are only new friends, she still has little trust in them.

So we contacted our Irish MPS Society to see if they could help, last minute as it was, the chiarman made a decision on the spot to give us the green light.

D done up a link (and all that computer nerd stuff) from my website to our Irish ProjectAlive so the Irish could donate.

Currently we have recieved numerous donations and amazing support not to mention fantastic pictures using #WhenIGrowUp

The Irish sure know how to support you– all the donated money will be transfered to on behalf of the Irish MPS Society and the wonderful Irish people who took the time to read, share, upload pictures and of course donate.

For more information on what you can do to help this cause please go to  and — if you are lrish or you’d just like to read my blog all about the Project and what it means to me.

My experience today, has left me with a few questions, which I thought I would ask you my readers. Please comment and let me know your opinions as I feel those of you who take the time to read my blog, must, must live in my little world or maybe you once did or maybe you work with kids like Ethan, either way, I am looking for imput!


What would an ideal charity look like to you?

What would you need from a charity?

What would you expect a charity to do for you?

Any and all comments are welcome, I will respond and I appreciate you, for taking the time to read and comment.

Back to ProjectAlive

Please follow the links, have a read, watch the video (not in public, it will upset you) and if you can , please donate…upload your pictures, tell people about Project Alive.

Fundraising is tough going…

but it is amazing seeing all the support and reading the lovely heartfelt posts…not to mention the pictures…

It does the heart good to know there are people like YOU out there…


Our little family....#WhenIGrowUp
Our little family….#WhenIGrowUp



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