Play dates


Tiny hands pull away,
Mothers watch from afar;
If it’s a first; hoping it won’t be the last.
Each chubby face smiles sweetly,
Mother hopes bonds are being formed,
“Take turns and share”
Always a lesson to learn,
An opportunity to teach,
Perhaps it’s time to be quiet,
And simply let them play?


Time goes forward,
Children grow, making their own friendships,
“Playdate mam, oh please!!”
They laugh and scoff,
“We’re hanging out!”
Mother watches from afar,
Did they heed the lessons of long ago,
From play dates set up
By mothers to help them grow?
Bigger hands wave goodbye.


The smile dances as wiser Mother watches,
“Leave them be.Let them learn through play”
“I am mam, I’m just watching from here.
Oh don’t do that, or that…be kind!”
Mother hears her younger self,
“Just leave them my dear”
She gently guides,hoping her words are heard,
“Come sit by me my adult child,
Let them play, enjoy it from here”
While children’s laughter fills the air.





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