Ethan was having his usual treatment on Thursday. He had also his usual treats, practically anything he wanted, when he wanted it. If ya can’t spoil a kid who endures as much as Ethan, once a week, then whats the point eh?!
The time came for his ‘Freddie’ to be removed. Freddie is the needle which goes into his port. Ethan morphs into a contortionist when it’s time to put in Freddie and remove Freddie. I morph into world class wrestler with one hell of a tight hold,while his wonderful nurse E, becomes a master at ducking, diving and dodging (normally a rouge leg) with a steady hand and a smile on her face. We really are a sight to behold.
D, who normally isn’t home during these treatments, decided he’d hold Ethan while nurse E took out Freddie. I was happy to be relieved of the duty to be honest.
“No. Go ‘way” Ethan roared as nurse E made her way towards him. “It’s ok, it’s over, I’m just taking Freddie out” she smiled as she bent down to remove his plaster. It wouldn’t come off. “Sugar. I’ll have to get the spray at that” she walked back to the table, Ethan was now roaring full volume while D was trying to calm him, hold him and keep him from hitting. The plaster finally came off while Ethan threatened both D and E. 30 seconds later nurse E had the whole lot removed and Ethan was done for another week.
Now, there are moments in time when your kid makes you beam with pride. When you’ve a kid like Ethan these moments are just like any other parents except we beam with pride over the things you guys would be mortified over. Ethan has never, ever held back, physically,when he’s unable to express himself verbally, if Ethan is soar you can bet your ass, someone, anyone is going to be soar too. That plaster being stuck obviously really hurt him. He would, on any other Thursday, bite, head-butt,spit and kick D, who happened to be holding him,but, but this Thursday, he got up from his dads lap, walked over to nurse E and gave her a ‘well deserved’ punch for hurting him with that stupid sticky plaster.
We were bursting with pride, this meant, Ethan had made the connection that it was the nurse who had to remove the plaster, it was there fore, her fault. We were delighted to see him actually,(wrongly, of course) hitting the person who pissed him off instead of punching J or me or D. It was amazing. He, in that moment in time, was ‘clued’ in to everything, he waited until he was free to let nurse E know he wasn’t happy.
Poor nurse E had gotten away with nearly 6 months of no punching or hitting of any kind…sorry E if we forgot to apologise, we were too busy marvelling at how clever our boy was!!!



April 2, 2015 at 4:39 pm

Well done Ethan for comprehending all that so well but also nurse E I hope you’re okay, I see Ger & Dave’s point!!!!!!!!!! but you were only doing your best.

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