Parents Day 2018

What makes a parent?

They are the comforters.

They are the sleep deprived.

They are the first educators.

They are the taxi drivers.

They are the schedulers.

They are the appointment keepers.

They are the referees.

They are the supporters, the number one fan.

They are the holder of secrets.

They are the memory makers.

They are the smile creators.

They are the chores givers.

They are the rule makers and rule breakers.

They are the knowledge holders of all things related to their child.

They are the advocates.

They are the wish makers.

They are the listeners.

They are the wisdom holders to most of life’s problems.

They are the huggers.

They are the fixer of broken toys, and sometimes broken hearts.

They are the worriers, the ones who wait up to hear you come in at night.

They are the nurses, doctors who know when an emergency is an emergency.

They are the ones who know how to make games out of nothing.

They are the imagination igniters, hoping the world around them will keep that imagination live and vibrant.

They are the hopers.

They are the dream encouragers.

They are there for many of their child’s firsts.

They want to be long gone for any of their child’s lasts, but some have no choice.

They are human and make mistakes.

They know how to celebrate you and all things you.

They know what makes you tick, regardless of how old you get.

They know your friends and your favourite TV shows.

They know you and all things you.

They are the parents; the ones you call when something good, funny, sad or bad happens to you …

To all you wonderful parents out there, whether you’re a step -parent or an adoptive parent, you are all doing a wonderful, often thankless job of raising tomorrow’s generation – have a beer, a glass of wine or even a cup of tea on this day, Parents Day!


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