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Dyson Pure Cool is Cool

  It couldn’t have come at a better time. He had been struggling . This was a new struggle for him and us . We have never had to deal with this kind of heat here in Ireland before but with Ethan […]

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Should -ing ….

It’s that time of year again where we get to take some time out of routine. Gone are the rushed early mornings, the, ‘oh no I forgot to get sandwich fillers for lunches’, and the panic over the school phone number flashing up […]

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Our World

”You are now in a secret world. You’ll see things you never imagined; ignorance, rudeness and discrimination, but you’ll also witness so many everyday miracles and you’ll know it. You won’t think a milestone is just a milestone, you’ll know it’s a […]

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We were halfway to Dublin. We were focused on what tests were to be carried out and which tests would require another appointment or even a stay over. We were in our own little bubble worrying about our son and his medical […]

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“Of course you should do it” my mammy had said . My husband too had given me his blessing. I explained to the boys what taking part would involve and once it was explained to my middle guy J, that he would […]

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Ethan’s Super Duper 16th

He is not like other 16 year olds and for a long time that hurt me. From time to time , it still does. When I see my friends son, who is the same age, I can’t help but wonder what my […]

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Mental Health Awareness ….

She greeted me with a warm handshake. I smiled, unsure of what I had signed up for. She asked had I ever done this before, to which I replied once but not as intensive as this course had promised to be. Over […]

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May 15th …

May 15th. On this International Day of Families I wanted to share with you all a little bit about my family. May 15th. This is three days before my eldest son turns 16 and it will be two days after his big […]

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Memories …Oh That Naughty Step !

There’s a time and place for most things. There is no time and a place for memories; sometimes they just flood your mind when you least expect it. They come when we don’t want them and they refuse to show up when […]

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National Siblings Day 2018

Siblings eh? Where would we be without them. I have six in total. Three brothers and three sisters. They definitely kept me on my toes as a child and as adults they are always in the background; they are the link to […]

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