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We laugh. Despite everything we live with, we laugh. Mass is not something we attend regularly. It’s not that we don’t believe in God; we do. We only go when we MUST go. Mass is no easy place to sit with any […]

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Lost in translation

I have a son who deserves more than I give him. He gives me so much while I struggle to spend time with him. He is a big part of the laughter in our home. He is the live wire. He is […]

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3’s …( this is a bit of a long read )

I was never one who believed in that old wives tale ~ bad things happen in threes~ mind you, I had never heard it from anyone other than my mother, up until March 2008, that is. It was a beautiful April’s morning, […]

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We attend a lot of appointments with Ethan, about Ethan and for Ethan. As you can imagine, it all can become a bit of a blur. One rolls into the other and I always have trouble remembering who is who, especially when […]

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This was and is embarrassing

I was a mere 20(and a half, to be exact!) years old when I gave birth to my 9lb bouncing baby boy. It was a natural birth- neither were planned! I remember being outside a local toy shop, all year I had […]

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Looking back now, I can pinpoint the exact moment I knew I was strong enough to be Ethan’s mammy. I remember going to my brothers flat after our visit with the doctor. I just sat and cried. He didn’t know what to […]

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A typical visit!!!!!

“Only one.” He’s not even looking in my direction. I bend down. My forehead inches away from his. I know this is a risk. I also know I need him to understand—One thing,one thing only. What I don’t know is, why I […]

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Silence…the day MY music died

Can you hear the silence? It is so very loud. I remember that deafening silence, so very well. The doctor had just left the room. He did excuse himself, I remember that, but I’ve no idea why he left the room. We […]

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The things our kids say!!!!

His tiny hand slid into mine. His whole body toppled to one side as we strolled across the road. He stopped short of the footpath,looking up at me and then down at the path. It was a high kerb, but not too […]

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Welcome to the mad mad house

I live in a mad house. I do. I can honestly tell you that it is true, I live in an actual mad house. Well , at least I believe I do… At any given point, on any given day , you […]

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