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Disneyland Baby

Arriving at our hotel, Disney’s Newport Bay Club, the excitement in the car was electric. I felt like I was a child as I jumped out staring up at this beautiful huge hotel. “Wow” I smiled as Ethan bursted out of the […]

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I am a childish twat!!!!!

Today I laughed. That belly laugh. You know the one…it starts off as a giggle then when the other person is confused, you feel it move right from your belly, you open your mouth and a roar like giggle comes out while […]

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The ‘man’ in the sky?

God. Who is God? What is God? “God won’t give you want you can’t handle” That brings no comfort to a mother who’s child is dying. It has been said to me thousands of times from my mother to strangers witnessing Ethans […]

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When you make a wish…

We boarded the plane in the late afternoon. We were the first to board. J was so excited he ran up and down the plane screaming “Up , up and away!”. The air hostesses were just smiling and helping D with our […]

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Tick Tock Stop the clock

Tomorrow our baby D turns 1. That year flew by quicker than a hungry cheetah chasing a Zebra! Time is a funny thing. It’s different for us now. We don’t view time like most. Time is a tough pill to swallow. We […]

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We’ve met Batman

We were told days after Ethans diagnosis that there was a glimmer of hope… There was a drug, a man made enzyme to be exact, the very same enzyme that our Ethan was missing. The very same enzyme that our boy needed. […]

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My Little Brother!!!~a funny tale!

I have a brother, in fact I have three. My younger brother A, has a way about him that reminds me so much of our J. I believe if ADHD was more commonly diagnosed back when we were kids, A would have […]

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Ethan the teacher

Ethans diagnosis brought us many, many things. It brought us joy even in our darkest hours. I know, to most of you, that makes little sense. It was such a long battle to get a diagnosis, that when it came, joy came […]

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Tesco Every Little Helps!

Just when we needed something, anything to look forward to, it was there. It had been a month since Ethans diagnosis. If I am being totally honest, I think in that first month, I tried my best to ignore it. I refused […]

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It’s all about me!!!!!!!!

Life in our house can be hectic to say the least. Somedays I can have up to two of my ‘mini me’s’ in the toilet with me at any given time. I have learned how to wee holding the baby in one […]

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