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Christmas ~ the reality for me

Christmas Time ~ it’s the most wonderful time of the year~ or so we are told. Don’t get me wrong, Winter is my absolutely favourite season and with that comes Christmas – I love Christmas, I do but for me, it isn’t […]

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The Waltons~ we were NOT!

My dad, is a funny man. A man I admire. He has been through a lot and still makes us laugh even though he doesn’t mean to! He was a dad you wouldn’t push too far, he had a temper but the […]

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~Our Cafe Surprise ~

We entered the cafe. A waiter came and showed us to our table. Ethan was now sleeping in his chair. We sat down, taking in the sight before our eyes. In the middle of the cafe there was a big round red […]

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My Irish childhood ~ raised by Willie-ism’s !!!!

Our Summers seemed to last forever. I remember the neighbourhood kids calling to our front door not for any of us, oh no, for my father who would throw buckets of water from the bedroom window and tell them to “Feck off […]

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Five days of Magic~~5 billion tissues

We spent five days in the magical kingdom. Five days of such high emotions. Five days of watching strangers doing their best to make our boy happy. There were no queues we could go on any ride as many times as Ethan […]

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The joys of being mammy

Tired. That is really how I answer most people who ask me how I am. “Hey, how the heck are ya?” they stand waiting, as if expecting me to go into some level of detail. Instead, I smile and say ” I’m […]

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HAAAA this just happened!!!!

You know that smile. All mammies know that smile. The eyes are squinted, the nose wrinkled up and the teeth are on show. Yeah, THAT smile. ” Ah look at him D, he’s bloody done something ” I sigh as I get […]

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Ireland back in the day!

Childhood…more specifically MY childhood. Born into a family of (what would become by 1990) 9, I was the third youngest or the fifth eldest, depending on your point of view, or how much trouble I was in. My childhood, was, I suppose, […]

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Mickey F***ing Mouse

The sun was shinning brightly when we stepped outside our hotel. D was pushing an excited Ethan while J was skipping along side them. The Autumn leaves where crunching under our feet when Ethan decided he no longer wanted or needed his […]

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People are strange

“Yeah, before you abuse, criticise and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes” Sometimes I want to roar that. From the top of my lungs in the middle of the street. I get tired of pretending I don’t see the ignorance that […]

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