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Sometimes when I talk about the things he used to do, people who know him now can’t comprehend that the same boy sitting in the wheelchair in front of them once told a woman who was staring at him to ‘F*uck off”!

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There are so many great things about being a parent to a child like Ethan. People tend to not know that. They tend to think or imagine our lives as sad ones or a life full of struggles and battles; while on […]

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Black Eyed Mammy…

His hand reached up.Gently I held it.I bent down to his eye level.Quickly his other hand smashed into the side of my face.His boot cracked repeatedly off my shin bone. For a guy who stood at 4 ft 0 inches he had […]

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The Three T’s

Tears, Tempers and Tantrums. Oh man, eh? If there was one simple trick to help avoid these behaviours wouldn’t parenting be a whole lot easier?! Sadly, there is not one trick- there isn’t even a step by step guide,there is however; luck,patience, […]

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Ten Easy Ways To Annoy Your Teen…

Oh, it has landed. It has well and truly landed.  I am, however, learning that the teenage years are completely and utterly different when you are the parent.  I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to my parents and to say that […]

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It is estimated that there are 350 million people worldwide living with a rare disease. That is the only statistic I will share with you today. I have written many, many times about the statistics around having a rare disease. I have […]

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Left To Chance ?

The future is something many parents worry about; regardless of your child’s abilities, we all worry about the future. The future is something most parents almost dream about; we are always thinking or wondering or planning what life will be like when […]

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Tube Feeding Awareness

I read all these wonderful families stories about how much tube feeding has helped their children.Some children need the tube placed just for a short time, while others need it for longer or even for life. My son falls into the less […]

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Nurses Strike

Currently our nurses are planning a strike here in Ireland, on the 30th of January. Why? Well, that depends on who you speak to. My understanding is that the nurses want their pay restored to what it was before the economy crashed […]

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Oh The Internet …

The internet is a funny place. It brings all sorts of debates and opinions and causes a good few arguments. This week there has been a few articles which I read. I read the comments and then I had to walk away […]

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