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This Christmas there’s a lot of talk about offensive lyrics in Christmas songs. “Baby it’s Cold Outside”- which I have always believed is about a courting couple who really would like to spend the night together but due to society they really […]

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Christmas Party

There isn’t an email going around the office. There isn’t talk about who’s wearing what while dodging the boss. There isn’t last years gossip floating above the crowded canteen making everyone anticipate this years gossip. I miss it. I miss the work […]

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Welcome To The Jungle!

It’s a dark, crowded, murky, heavy jungle worth cutting your way through to find that beautiful clearing. Types of parents, I guarantee you’ll meet within this jungle of Special Needs. The Extreme Activist – They are going to change the whole darn […]

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Back To The Diagnosis

  I sit with him most days trying to get a smile, a smirk or even a little kiss. He’s a far cry from the affectionate little boy he once was. There was a time not too long ago that he would […]

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Raising Ethan

What is it like raising a child with a terminal illness? I’ve often been asked that age-old question “How do you do it?” It in this sentence is in reference to raising my son, Ethan who has not only got some extra […]

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The Reality Behind The Hospice

What is a hospice? Is it a place where sadness hides in every corner? Is it a place that no one dares to speak of? Is it a place that means our children’s lives are coming to an end? Is it a […]

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It’s Been Awhile

  I watch him sleep. I watch his little body jerk. I watch his arms and legs flail around before finally resting. I know he won’t sleep for long. I do my usual bits and pieces around the house (it’s true what […]

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Parents Day 2018

What makes a parent? They are the comforters. They are the sleep deprived. They are the first educators. They are the taxi drivers. They are the schedulers. They are the appointment keepers. They are the referees. They are the supporters, the number […]

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Dyson Pure Cool is Cool

  It couldn’t have come at a better time. He had been struggling . This was a new struggle for him and us . We have never had to deal with this kind of heat here in Ireland before but with Ethan […]

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Should -ing ….

It’s that time of year again where we get to take some time out of routine. Gone are the rushed early mornings, the, ‘oh no I forgot to get sandwich fillers for lunches’, and the panic over the school phone number flashing up […]

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