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Grief- what we don’t say.

Why don’t we talk openly about the gut wrecthing loss of a child? The fact is we don’t want to burden, upset or shock, yes shock, those who care enough to ask, “How are you doing?”. I think we should talk about […]

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One of the messages that seem to repeat in my inbox are about how the book has made it easier for parents to help their friends and family understand a little bit about thier life with a child who has extra needs.

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The Launch

Tomorrow my book ‘Ethan & Me’ will be officially on sale . I’m anxious. I have this nervous energy ; I feel like I am awaiting results of some test that I never knew I was taking! I hope people like it […]

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Well, it has been awhile . I haven’t been writing as much as I normally would on here due to what I can only describe as life’s little way of refocusing your attention onto something else. 2020 – what a year for […]

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We found a disabled parking space, close to the promenade. We sat for a moment watching families walk up and down the promenade stopping only to check that the sand had finally dried off their feet. We climbed out of the car […]

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His school have been using it for a little while now. There’s talk of us getting our own one soon, but for now we have the use of the schools one over the Summer break. It’s an odd shape. It can’t be […]

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He is the kind of kid who really helps you grow a thicker skin; he can insult you and make you laugh all in the same sentence.

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Ethan’s own birthdays were a huge celebration of all things Ethan with a side of ‘F@uck you Hunter Syndrome our boy is still here’.

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My experience in writing such pieces has taught me that the facts and figures are uninteresting to the general public, it is the people that strike a cord with them.

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