~Our Cafe Surprise ~

We entered the cafe. A waiter came and showed us to our table. Ethan was now sleeping in his chair.

We sat down, taking in the sight before our eyes.

In the middle of the cafe there was a big round red table. Balloons danced above it while toys, clothes and teddies sat waiting. A cardboard cut out of Mickey stood in the middle holding a name ~ Ethan & J ~

Waiters were talking amongst themselves waving over to us. They were clearly talking about our Make-A-Wish kid. The cast of every Disney film you can imagine were standing by the kitchen doors.

“This is weird” I whispered to D. He leaned in, “Which bit? that we are the only ones here or that they are all watching us?” he raised his eyebrow and laughed. “Can we eat?” J piped up, taking the menu trying to read it. I laughed.


A waiter came over “Excuse me, when Ethan wakes up we will begin, we have 30 minutes. We will bring you a little of everything on the menu, there is no need to order. Just your drinks, please” she smiled,pen poise in the air. We ordered. “Tap his chair D” I waited until the waiter had left. “Do ya think?” D looked at a sleeping Ethan then back at me.”Do it daddy, J is hungry”J tried to whisper. “Go on, we are only here once. I’m dying to see what they’ve planned” I glanced back at the ever growing Disney cast.

“Daddy” Ethan exclaimed when his big eyes opened. “Leg me ou” he sat upright looking about the empty cafe. As soon as Ethan got out, the lights were dimmed, spots of lights shone all over the cafe. Music began. Music we all knew. I felt my tears as I clapped watching the characters calling Ethan and J out to dance.


Mickey mouse was now singing with Ethan, while the rest were dancing and singing all around us. Taking our hands and insisting we get up. I was laughing and crying all in the same moment. D was snapping as many photos as he could, before Minnie grabbed him. J was jumping on the chair with Chip and Dale, while Ethan was surrounded by everyone else from Pinocchio to Aladdin with Mickey holding his hand.

I still get tears in my eyes when I think about that.

The waiters were bringing us food while we were talking and taking pictures with all these characters. Ethan was brought over to the round table and given gifts, balloons and autograph books, all ready signed-’ To Ethan lots of love Peter Pan , you are a hero!’ – there were so many autographs with such wonderful messages. J was not left out, he got exactly the same gifts as Ethan.

The doors were opened and the cafe began to fill with other families sitting down with their kids just watching us, in awe as each character waved goodbye. We were just calming ourselves down when a father approached our table , in broken english he asked “How much for all to come and see child, how much you pay?”

I looked at him. D looked at me. I looked back at D, I did not know how to answer the man. He continued “We pay, we get only two of them to come say hi, how you get them all?” he was getting agitated now. No words came.The boys were busy eating and kissing their new teddies in between bites.
D stood up. “We are having something to eat now man, it’s been an emotional day. See the badge my son has on?” , the man looked at Ethan. “That’s how you get all this, trust me buddy,you don’t want it” D patted the mans shoulder and sat back down. “Sorry, I, I, didn’t…I…sorry” the man went back over to his family, probably relieved that he didn’t miss out on a good deal, that he had the best deal, he had three healthy children.

We finished our meal, thanked the waiters about 100 times and left.
“Home?” Ethan placed himself back into his chair.” Hotel Ethan, it’s not home, it’s hotel” J tried to explain.”Home now” Ethan yelled. “Ok ok buddy, we go home” D soothed him. “Yes J, back to the hotel, home tomorrow”. We walked in silence for about 20 minutes, when J suddenly stopped. “Awww, I don’t want to go home yet” he began to cry. I bent down to him, “All holidays have to end baby, tomorrow evening we fly home, up on the plane and see everyone at home, it’s ok to feel sad” I kissed his wet cheek. “Can, we…” he stuttered, “Can we come back tomorrow?” he rubbed his brown eyes. “Yes buddy, we’ve to see the parade yet kiddo” I winked as he placed his tiny hand in mine.

We all were asleep by 9pm that, our final evening in the magical kingdom.




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