Oh Mr Summer

Oh sweet Summer , how clever you’ve been this year.
You appeared early, in May to be precise .

Oh you let me believe that you were warming up for the main event – June / July.

You lied Summer, you lied.

There was a Tuesday in July, where you peaked through the clouds and shone your glorious rays down upon the whole of our little island.

But, I feel you knew Summer, you knew we were stuck in a car all day, oh how you must have laughed.
You were more considerate in June, you gave us three dry days- for which I thank you for, I did get our winter coats washed and semi dried as you decided on the third day there should be showers .

You have played some tricks on us – we have packed a car, children and a wheelchair only to be met with sudden downpours on the same day that was ‘promised’ dry.

You’ve brought out my Irishness Summer; as soon as it was semi warm, I got burnt; as soon as I hung out a wash it rained and as soon as I planned anything you dramatically changed- I felt you just wanted to leave.

Let’s be honest Summer, you wanted to leave in May, but couldn’t.

So you stuck around only dipping in and out randomly in June and July.

You seem to like the East coast , what have the West coast done to offend you? We have beautiful Salthill , Connemara , Blackrock and all those sandy beaches but you still refused to show up- I do know the East coast is beautiful but I can’t help but feel you chose them over us- we are a small island , there is enough of you to go around, is there not?

It’s now August, I know you’ve gone. I see the leaves are changing colour, the wind is howling and the rain is beating off the window- yes Summer, your rain is much softer and far warmer but rain is rain.

Autumn seems to be already taking (pardon the pun) a leaf out of your book and showing up randomly- take yesterday for example , the gentle breeze was beautiful (and it dried 3 lines of washing- but this is not about washing, only) and we were able to get out and about. Day three and Autumn; you are already reminding us, far more than the Game of Thrones does, that Winter is coming…

Oh Autumn please don’t follow in Summers footsteps; don’t be a tease, don’t be untrustworthy and for the love of everyone Irish – give us more than a Tuesday !


This was originally published on FamilyfriendlyHQ



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