No Occasion required!

“Have you ever heard of Boudoir Girls ?” D asked as he flicked through the channels.

“Huh?” Immediately I thought of women dressed in provocative clothes posing sexily for their partners.

“A lady I happen to know, runs that company and I thought it would be nice for you to go and get your pictures taken. You’re always saying how you’ve no nice pictures of yourself.”

I laughed. “Aren’t those kind of pictures for partners really, rather than the women who are posing. Well,they are mainly given as gifts to partners, aren’t they?”

“No not at all. Sure wouldn’t it be lovely to be all done up and have some fab pictures of yourself for yourself ? Have a look at her site ‘cos I am pretty sure she does far more than you think”

Quickly I googled – the first thing I read was fun photoshoot parties. Further down the page I read about Mother and Daughter shoots. I liked the pictures I was seeing and felt I may have misjudged Boudoir Girls.

“Oh wow. She does vintage shoots!” I showed D some of the pictures on display.

“I knew that’s the package you’d love!” He laughed.

“See it’s not what you think, she does so many different types of shoots not just the present ones for the anniversaries “ he winked.

“Yeah, they do look great. I would love to get a few photos of me dressed up in vintage clobber alright!” I smiled.

“Well then contact Natalie, I told her I was going to see if you would be interested in doing a shoot”

“Did you now! When would I get the time sure? And there’s no occasion for me to get some professional photos” I shrugged.

“Hey come on, you don’t need an occasion and organise it for an evening, when I am home. Why not bring A with you too , go on contact Natalie and see what you can work out” he rubbed my shoulders. “It’ll be something different for you and I really think you’ll enjoy it”.

We stood outside Natalie’s home where she hosts some of her shoots.( she travels to venues for hen parties and groups with all the clothes– amazing, eh?) We could see why. We hadn’t stepped foot inside her home as we were too busy oohing and awing over the outside of her home. It was beautiful.

Natalie is the kind of lady that makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. I have always wondered how some people master that skill; perhaps it’s because of her line of work, either way I felt Natalie and I were old friends as she gave us a tour of her home.

She must have thought A and I didn’t get out much (she wouldn’t be wrong, on my part at least!) as we were so amazed by her home and it’s originality.

Natalie, I still believe we could have hidden somewhere and you wouldn’t have noticed!
We also got a tour of her dressing room for Boudoir Girls – which was like an aladdin’s cave of amazing clothes , wigs, shoes , hats , makeup… You name it, it was there.

We spent a little time glamming ourselves up for the photo shoot, which took place down the winding staircase, through the dining area and off to the side of the amazing stove. We stood in her studio amazed at all her work and all the props surrounding the walls. This was going to be fun.

Nervously , we posed. Within minutes Natalie had us relaxed and laughing while she snapped pictures of us just being us, messing, chatting and of course laughing.

It felt good to forget everything I personally had been going through, over the last month with Ethan. I relaxed and spent time talking about my writing, Natalie’s work, A’s work, the fact that we were here having our own personal photo shoot for no reason other than a ‘pick-me-up’.

And what a pick-me-up it was. Natalie gave us a sneak preview of the photos she had already shot and they were beautiful , which came as a shock to me as I hate getting my photo taken.

We changed dresses and began to really get into the spirit of the shoot . Soon we were posing and laughing and taking less and less direction from Natalie who was happy to let us loose while she snapped more photos. It really was a different way to spend a Wednesday evening.

Natalie was not only generous with her passion but she was generous with her time and patience as we did take a bit of coaxing and a lot of direction at the very start of the shoot.

We finished up with shoot and sadly had to get dressed back into average clothes.

We spent some more time talking with Natalie and meeting her two adorable cats, who by the way acted more like dogs than cats.

I never thought a photo shoot could give me such a boost, especially at a time when nothing was easy at home; this came for me, at a perfect time and I am absolutely delighted I ignored my usual ‘I hate my photo being taken ‘ feeling and went ahead with it anyway, I am pretty sure A is also delighted she tried something out of her comfort zone too.

There was no occasion . There was no need for one. It was just a photoshoot with friends and that’s how we both felt about Natalie as we left her driveway; she was a friend.

Boudoir Girls has something for everyone; it isn’t what it says on the tin. There is so much more than raunchy photo shoots- but if that’s your thing, Natalie does them beautifully and very tastefully , we couldn’t help but notice some of her work displayed in her home.

Natalie can also be found over on which is a newer website of hers catering for mother and daughter shoots ,teen shoots, hen party shoots ,even birthday party shoots; ohh and some very cool hen party makeover; yep she has a team that help make over all those hens!


If you’re looking for something a little different especially when searching for hen party ideas or even birthday party ideas she can cater to it all.

There is something there for every woman and teen ; even the shy ones like A and the nervous ones like me!
To check out more of what Natalie offers, find her on Facebook – Boudoir Girls



Cheers Natalie for the fun evening and the fabulous photos !





Eddie Lewis
November 24, 2016 at 4:45 pm

Great post! Looks like barrels of fun!

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