My little J in the middle!

J’s attention span, amazes me!

Today being a Saturday, the boys had some chores to do. I say the ‘boys’ but really it is just J who has chores. I give Ethan toys to put away, which I find later in the fridge, cooker, fire place or press… Baby D is one, so his chore is basically not to eat stuff he finds…so far so good.
J has a few chores which he gets paid for. If he doesn’t do the chore, he doesn’t get paid. If he pisses and moans about doing the chore, he gets docked ‘wages’. You get the idea, I’m sure. (For those of you who don’t know, J is 9 and our darling middle son, who also has ADHD.)
J was helping me with the dishes today, while daddy went grocery shopping with baby D and Ethan sat happily eating biscuits laughing whole heartily, coughing through the process.
“Mom when I’m done with this, can I get my lego back?”
“No buddy”
“Ah come on”
“You’re mean”
I handed him another cup. Ignoring his pouting lip.”Jeeze, I’d hate to dock wages too”
“I don’t care.”
“Stop J. Just stop. Come on, you know why you can’t have your Lego just yet. Let’s not have a falling out buddy”
He shrugged his shoulders. Drying the cup he began to smile.
“That’s more like it” I put suds on his button nose.
“Stoopp mom. I’m just thinking”
“Ohh. About?” I drained the sink.
“Not trying to take my lego to school again. Will dad really bin them the next time?” his eyes narrowed. I knew his dad would never bin his lego, all you parents know the price of it, it would never be binned.
“‘Fraid so kiddo, this is your last chance” I dried my hands.
“Oh, will you finish this ” he pointed at the two cups on the draining board, “I gotta do something before I forget” he hopped from one leg to the other.
“Sure,what do you have to do? You know I’ve a few more bits for you to do” I watched him get more anxious as I grew more curious.
“Don’t tell dad” he got serious, pinky finger outstretched waiting for me to swear, which of course I did.”I’ve my Minecraft and more lego hidden in the lining of my bag, dad never checks that, but I’m afraid he might” his eyes met mine.”You pinky swore mom”
He must have seen me smile. “I know bud, I won’t tell. Go now though and empty it all out”. He ran off towards the stairs while I giggled finishing his dishes.

Clip clop clip clop…I entered the hallway. There he was, his hand on his narrow hip, his lips pouting , “Hey, I’m mommy”, he clicked my ruby red heels again. I laughed. “J any shoes but them, they are my good ones”. “Can I wear a different pair then?” he asked excitedly.”If you want, but first we’ve clothes to put away, ok?” “Ah thanks mammy, I’ll put these ones away first.” He ran off up the stairs, as I watched with envy how easily he managed in my heels.

“Good man” I patted his head as he took the last pile of clothes up to the hot press.He came back down with my blue heels on, I decided not to comment. D pulled into the driveway, which reminded me, “Did ya do that thing?” I waved my pinky finger at him. “Huh?” he looked confused. “You know, the toys in your bag” I got up to open the front door. “Oh man..” he ran, so fast, so eloquently, down the hallway and into the kitchen, clicking away. As I opened the front door, he roared “What was I supposed to do again mom?”


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