^^multitasking ~ the mammy way, well this mammys way!

Oh, oh…I’ve just realised something….

I try to write during the morning and evening. The morning it’s just me and baby D here, in the evening, all my boys are in bed by 8,J is the only one who stays awake until 11ish, he’s quiet and we know he can’t help it- damn ADHD.
This morning I began to write a story, it’s one I’ve been writing for a few days now. I got myself a cup of coffee, placed toys all over the floor for baby D to play with, gave him some finger food and a bottle…that should keep him away for about 30 minutes, I had hoped.
Of course it didn’t. Every chance he got, he’d crawl over to me, babble at me, then grab my iPad. I found myself getting annoyed, then I remembered, babies are easily distracted. He had placed a few blocks beside me,which I took in one hand and threw.”Go get the block” I nodded at the baby to follow the block, which he did. He brought it back to me and I repeated the action…it dawned on me there and then…

Babies are like dogs, they enjoy fetch, it keeps them entertained and gives you five minutes peace …

However, I must stop patting his head and repeating “good boy!”



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