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Our second wedding anniversary is this Friday.
We are together a little over ten years. That’s a long time. We’ve gone through more things than most couples will ever have to face.
Through it all D has been my rock, he has always held me up when I’ve wanted to fall. He is the strongest man I have ever known. He is a real man, a man that gets cranky when he hasn’t had enough sleep, a man that will listen to me rabbit on and on about a situation I’m not happy about, he will encourage me, fill me with confidence in how to deal with the situation, he is open about how he feels and how he hopes our future will be. If he wants something to happen, it will. There is no talking him out of ideas,he is stubborn as all hell, mostly his ideas seem impossible but he has taught and shown me, there is possible in impossible.
Three years ago, we were discussing us getting married for the hundredth time. We’d talk about how different our wedding would be, how happy we would be and how our boys would just love to be part of our day. We knew though, there was no way we could afford an engagement ring,let alone a wedding. Time is something that we talk about a lot, as Ethan’s condition is progressive, there is a huge emphasis placed on time. If we were to wait to get married until we could afford it, we were not sure if Ethan would still be ‘Ethan’ by then. That is a harsh fact about hunter syndrome.
We had a little bit of savings when D decided to at least propose to me. He had spent hours, days weeks and months searching for the perfect ring for me, which he found and proposed on the 6th of July 2012. He had tricked me into thinking we were getting family photos taken, so I dressed up along with the boys and off we went to the river banks of the Corrib. There our friends and some family members were waiting. I was very confused but no one would even look at me, let alone answer my questions!
He got down on one knee and proposed while our boys squealed with delight. It was beautiful. The ring was so beautiful, I couldn’t believe he bought it right out, he was clearly confident I would say yes!
Later that night he told me about an idea he had, if I were willing to listen. We discussed his idea for over two months solid, it boiled down to us wanting Ethan to be present at our wedding, not just there or even worse. I had told him throughout our years together, I would never get married without Ethan and he felt the same, after all, he was Ethan’s dad.
In October of the same year, D packed his bag. He left our home, for three weeks. We had no contact for those three weeks. D was busy with his college work but he also had our wedding to plan, with three weeks and 10,000 euro. He took the boys every week for two days but neither boy would say a word about daddy’s plans for our wedding. We were both filmed during this time. D picked everything from the flowers to my dress. This was after all,”don’t tell the bride” — a popular television programme.
We got married on the 7th of November 2012, with our two little men by our side. Yes, D did it all perfectly well, he got everything right, I felt like the only woman in the world to have been lucky enough to marry a man that loved her so much,so clearly and so obviously…
I am lucky to have this man as my husband. Love you Mr.R for everything you are and everything you do for our little family and me.

Happy anniversary and many many more xxx

I’ve added a few photos !


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