Mickey F***ing Mouse

The sun was shinning brightly when we stepped outside our hotel. D was pushing an excited Ethan while J was skipping along side them. The Autumn leaves where crunching under our feet when Ethan decided he no longer wanted or needed his chair. We happily let him out and watched as both boys had fun crunching the fallen disregarded golden leaves. It was a perfect moment. We could have been just like any other family visiting this wonderful wonderland, jumping and laughing, here for a family holiday…an average family holiday.

We arrived at main street. We were officially in the Magic Kingdom. Ethan was back in his chair eating a croissant (when in Paris!) when he suddenly roared “Mickey!” His legs were kicking while he was spitting croissant at a random passerby. “Mickey Mouse” he roared again, trying hard to get out of his chair. We scanned the street. We did not see Mickey or even a Mickey teddy nearby. “What the…” D stopped short. “LOOK” D was now roaring too. Turning around the bend was indeed Mickey Mouse in his little red car, honking his horn. Ethan was now screaming for us to “leg me ou”. I quickly undone the straps. He leaped like his arse was on fire.”Mickey ” he roared and began to run with D hot on his tail.

Now,I learned after this that Mickey goes around three times a day in this car, as a welcoming thing. Mickey does not stop the car.

I pushed the chair excitedly telling J to come on. We ran. There was a crowd gathered around Mickey when we reached the now stopped car. “Mickey’ Ethan was jumping up and down, croissant everywhere, pants falling down and his face redder than blood. I pushed our way through the every expanding crowd. “Sorry, excuse me” No one moved. A gloved hand found me and asked the crowd to part. J was holding onto my top, his little hand buried into my skin.

D was scanning the crowd, our eyes met, I saw his tears. I tried to prepare myself, even now as I type, my eyes are filling up. There he was as large as life, my sick little boy, dancing and singing with Mickey Mouse. Mickey spotted us and gestured for us all to join in. It was a very surreal moment. J holding my hand, J holding D’s hand, Ethan holding Mickey’s and D’s hand while I took Mickey’s other hand. We danced and sang Mickey Mouse clubhouse right there through tears in the middle of main street with crowds watching, singing and crying. We all hugged Mickey as he gave a teddy to both boys, blew us kisses, posed for pictures then got back into his car.

Mickey did not pose or acknowledge any other person there. Just us. There is no price you could put on that experience. Yet I wish we were in the crowd and witnessing this happening to a different family.

We tried to calm Ethan after but decided to let him off. He was roaring ” Mickey Mouse” as we passed through crowds. Finally, his little legs gave in, as we approached Frontierland. We placed him in his chair when he looked right at me and said ” Mickey fucking Mouse mam” I laughed so much I cried. He knew. My boy knew THAT was the real Mickey Fucking Mouse!!!!!!!

( That photo is one I cannot share, instead I have added another one from our trip, I hope you guys understand )



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