My brother, (you may remember him from a few previous posts—“Muckers Lotto win” and “Mucker…we should all have one!) and I were reminiscing about Ethan and J, when they were much younger.

Mucker laughed “ Remember that time I went to the bank with J?”
I shrugged my shoulders. I had no clue what he was talking about.
“Arra. Come on Woman, how do you not remember that?” he shook his head, his laugh got deeper.
“I don’t.Honestly. Tell me” I smiled.
“You had the house fire and so much going on. I said I’d take J off your hands for while. Remember now?” he raised his eyebrows.
“Kinda…go on…” I leaned forward.
“I had to go into the bank, so I told J, we are going to the bank first then into the ‘Euro Shop’, if he was good in the bank…come on Ger, how can ya forget this…I’m still scarred!” his hands began to move as he described how J responded to the ‘deal’, Mucker believed he was making.
“J would have only been 2 ish…” I interrupted, trying my best to remember.
“Yeah,his tiny hand holding mine the whole way there. God, he was cute.” Mucker smirked.
“Go on Mucker. I really can’t remember. I’ve a feeling I should though” I drank my cold coffee.
“We were in the bank. He decided he was big enough to stand by himself. He let my hand go.The bank was full. I mean,not even room to fart full Ger.They were all talking to him of course, sure remember the speech out of him at 2!” he shook his head.
“Yep, I sure do. He wouldn’t shut the …”
He cut me off… “He demanded to be put down when we got into the bank, which I did. I took his hand, told him he had to wait here with me” Mucker smirked.
“So, he was grand holding my hand, talking away, being cute as all hell, when suddenly he roars ‘NO TOUCH ME MOOCKER’, he pulled his hand away” Mucker reenacted J’s stance. “Swear, here he was, hands on hips, two years old saying ‘I no like it, no touch me. I no like it’. I went scarlet. Everyone was watching and listening” Mucker put his head in his hands, as I laughed “Morto Mucker, Morto!”
“The little shit then started screaming ‘don’t touch me, mammy say no, I no like it’. The tuts…feck… I could hear all around me while everyones eyes burned into me” Mucker laughed as he recalled the embarrassment J caused him.
“Oh come on it could have been worse” I teased.
“Ger, security came over asking me what was my connection to the child! I said uncle, while J was still roaring ‘I no like Mooker, I no likkkeeee’. J was throwing his legs, arms and head everywhere…Jayous, there’s a lot to be said for that ‘terrible two’ thing auld dears go on about, eh?” Mucker shook his head.
“Ha, I didn’t remember that! What or how did ye leave it?”
“Well, I didn’t get my banking done, J made sure of that. I told him to stop or I’d leave him there, the security guy was standing with his arms folded.When J ignored me and continued preforming for his audience, I bent down. Did that eye to eye thing you taught me, through gritted teeth, I quietly told him, I’d give him to the big scary man standing over him if he didn’t”
“Ohhh and..did that work?” I interrupted.
“Not even slightly.I grabbed him while he screamed ‘no touch me.Top it .Top it. MAMMIEEEE’  I bolted right out of there…little shit then asked about going to the ‘hop’!”
We both laughed as baby D passed by, hands full of toys.Mucker went to take him, ‘No. NO. I not ike it’.
“At least you’ve no auidence!” I laughed as Mucker pretended to cry, to no avail, ‘illy Mucca‘ D laughed as he walked away.

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