Meet my superhero

He runs like he knows it’s a gift to be treasured, his little face all flush, breathing hard he grabs at my hand until I take it, his chubby fingers pulling me to one side. His big blue eyes plead when he wants his own way,”Pwease mom, I a good boy”, he’ll say with his fingers almost interlocking one another but not quiet. He never sits still. He is a four foot whirlwind rushing from activity to activity, constantly asking, “Whad next?”. His sandy colour hair is as wiry as a scrubbing brush, when it’s wet it holds water so well turning his hair into an Irish style afro!
Those who meet him never forget him, they smile and laugh telling me how funny and charming he is; ” A right character”, most will say, his name they simply cannot forget;”Ethan”.
He can never understand the joy he brings, or how he has taught me and so many others so much. We cannot tell him this,even when his hearing aids are working…he simply cannot understand. He lives each day with wonder and awe that would make even the coldest of hearts melt, he is the bravest person I know, he just accepts everything that is thrown at him with a smile and a question, “Whad next?”.
He has his moments, when no one can understand him, he screams, kicks and lashes out at those closest to hand, but we stay and try to calm him, the only way we know how; we take him in our arms waiting for the dark cloud to lift…and it does…his big blue eyes shine once more and his lips form the most beautiful of smiles…” It’s me Ethan”!



March 16, 2018 at 7:55 pm

Lovely, so much character in so few words.

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