Lost in translation

I have a son who deserves more than I give him. He gives me so much while I struggle to spend time with him. He is a big part of the laughter in our home. He is the live wire. He is the messer.He is a 9 year old boy who tries to understand his older brother while adoring his younger brother. He is ‘J’ and he is in the middle.

I was running around like a demented crazy woman with poo, yes poo, stuck on my hand. Who’s poo it was, well, I was unsure. Sometimes I think Ethan and the baby have secretly decided to out do each other with their poo’s, showing no regard for their poor mammy!
Having successfully navigated my way over the disregarded blocks, cars, teddy’s and toast, I’d made my way to the safe haven of the toilet! “Yuck, yuck, uughhh” I moaned as I scrubbed my hand.
‘J’ popped his head in. “Who done that yuck” he giggled as I tried not to gag. “Dunno” I replied, focused on my skin. ” Huh?” his hazel eyes narrowed.”You don’t know!” he exclaimed.
“Mam. Mam, maaaammmm” he began to poke my elbow.”Had you chocolate?” I stared at him. “No.” he looked at me confused.”What? what is it then?” I glared. “What?” he looked even more confused. “You mammy-ing me again” I sighed. “Hand me the towel, good man”
“Here, so ?” his eyes met mine.” So, so what?” it was my turn to be confused. He shrugged his narrow shoulders.”I don’t know what you mean” his hands fidgeting with his over stretched tee-shirt.
“J, love, you came here and called me, do you need something” I tried to keep my cool.”Nah, I don’t know” he stammered,”I think…ahh…I forget” he lowered his head. I looked at my little man, he didn’t have it easy. I rubbed his shoulders.”It’s okay buddy, do you want to play with lego, or go outside?”.”Yeah,yeah”he jumped on the spot.
“Which one J, which one do you want to do?”. “Ammmmm, ahhhh, Lego,no,no outside, I’ll call for Sue” he danced on the spot.”Okay bud, I’ll call you in for lunch and” he cut me off,”mam,mam, will you make sure you check my bean bag”he asked.”For?” “Poo mam.” “What, why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”I rolled my eyes.” I tried, then I forgot, then you were talking about Lego and Sue” he reasoned. “Go J, go on, I will call you for lunch” I guided him out of the toilet and out our front door.
“Bloody ADHD” I groaned aloud as I closed the front door. Taking a deep breath I hurried towards the playroom.

It’s only after all the poo is cleaned and the boys are in bed, that I can laugh, laugh at me getting lost in translation and my Mr J and his quirks ….I love his quirks.



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