It’s all about me!!!!!!!!

Life in our house can be hectic to say the least.
Somedays I can have up to two of my ‘mini me’s’ in the toilet with me at any given time. I have learned how to wee holding the baby in one arm while discouraging Ethan from flushing the toilet with the other. I am a super, super fast pee-er.
I can also eat a whole ‘mars’ bar in two bites while looking like I’m deep in thought, pondering the latest request made by J. I sometimes even keep a packet of sweets in my nightgown, they last no longer than two mornings. I can dip my hand in and out popping a sweet into my mouth as I ‘cough’.
I can make the over bearing, annoying ‘Spongebob Squarepants Movie’ seem like a brand new experience, each and every day. I can squeal, jump and leap with the best of them as I match Ethans level of excitement!
I can enjoy ‘Minecraft’ without having a clue about what J is on about. I can roll a ball back and forth with the baby while my potatoes burn.
I can forget to check the dinner (or my attempt at dinner) and only remember when J tells me he is hungry. I have often, often, put the meat in the oven, without turning on the oven and then wondered why the meat is taking so long.
I forget to take the whites out of our washing. D has more pink tee-shirts than any grown man should. I forget bin days. We sometimes have rubbish for a whole month, which is never good considering I change about 6-8 dirty nappies a day, not just the baby’s.
I can, however name all of J’s friends, his hobbies, favourite foods etc.All, well most, of the subjects D studies in college,( which is not an easy task, as it’s all nerdy stuff!). I can name all of Ethans meds, teachers, specialists, therapists, (I just tend to mix them up!) his likes and dislikes and everything in-between, yet, yet I can forget to shower, seriously, I have actually forgotten to shower.
I have not baby proofed the house. I find “no no”, “careful” ,”dangerous” seem to be working fine. I have no plans to baby proof either. We do have a playroom, which is a safe room for Ethan, I just can’t have baby in there when Ethan is in there. Ethan knows whats his and likes things thrown everywhere, where he can find them at a later date.
I spend a good bit of my day following smells. My nose does a lot of work, more than the average nose, I imagine. I often find the origin of the odour, mostly I regret looking. I have a strong stomach thanks to my boys!
I use a huge white board where I write down all of our appointments. It hangs in our kitchen. In theory it’s great.
So that’s a little bit more about me! A few of you asked, I hope that helps capture a little bit of my personality!

P.S I did get a new stroller for the baby,(which, I should be embarrassed to admit, but I’m not!) I am excited to use it!!!!!!!!


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