It’s 2015 Folks!

“When you said to leave him run free, you meant no nappy, right?” D questioned as I went through Ethans’ nightly routine. “Yes, hun” I sighed as I coaxed Ethan to take his medication. “You take this,” I smiled,syringe in one hand, cookie in the other, “And, mommy give Ethan this” I showed him the cookie. “No. Bisquit pwease, now”, his eyes narrowed. “This first”, I pointed the syringe closer to his mouth, while bringing the biscuit even closer. He did what he always does, he went to grab the biscuit, mouth open, tongue hanging out, quickly I squirted his medicine in and handed him the cookie.
“Bed time” I placed my hands behind my back waiting for him to hold on. We choo-choo’ed up the stairs, way slower than he normally does, but quicker than he has in awhile.
“Toilet” he grabs the bathroom door, swinging it open. I guide him in, as I take off his pants and place him on the toilet.”Mimi’s? School? Santa? Christmas? Halloween?” he eyes gaze up at me. I’m unsure if he is aware of what he is asking or even understands my answers anymore,but I answer him, I always answer him.
“Freddie tomorrow love” I smile while he ignores me. ” No”. He still knows what ‘Freddie’ means though ~ “No Freddie,no”,he gets up and waits for me to clean him. “Freddie good” I pull his pyjama bottom up. “It’s ok, mom will help” I console myself really, as he is now singing “Spongebob square pans” at the top of his lungs.
I kiss his forehead,take him gently by the hand and bring him into his room. I cuddle him for a second, never longer, as routine is everything to Ethan, I need to know my boundaries. I stand up, point to my eye, “I” he shouts, I point to my heart “Blove”,he smiles, I point to him,” YOUUUUU” he roars with laughter, his usual adorable hearty laugh through a cough. I go over for one more kiss. ” Close the door” he demands as I walk out of his room.

“Jayous, you frightened the life out of me”, I jump as D is standing on the landing staring at me. ” I don’t remember ever having J run around with no nappy”, he almost accuses me. I see a smile dance on his full lips. ” What happened?” I move him away from Ethans door. “The baby made a fool of me” he laughs. I smile. D is all animated in his story telling of how our 15 month old son took a poo in the corner of the room,went back to pee on it,then came climbing all over a, clearly oblivious daddy. I laugh. “What the hell were you doing while he was trying to be a dog?”. D looks at me, “Work ooh ok, Facebook” We both laugh. ” Ah Ger,that’s not the worst of it”. ” Go on…” I squint my eyes, this better not end up with me cleaning shit off the couch and chairs or I’ll go mad. “I’ve it cleaned” he says as quickly as the thought passes through my mind. “The little fecker, when I noticed it, I cleaned him first, then it” he scrunched up his nose,”I thought I got it all, we were messing with his sock, he shoved it right in my face, his shitty sock Ger. In. My. Face!” I covered my mouth as the thought of it flipped my stomach while D seemed to jump from a shiver brought on by having a shitty sock shoved in your face. And believe me, baby D loves to shove socks in your face.

“Diarrhoea Ger, thats why his arse is soar, diarrhoea” D shook his head from side to side.

New Year, Same shit!
Happy New Year Guys!


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