I’m just…

I’ll not lie; I am delighted the Easter ‘Holidays’ are coming to an end.

It’s been tough…actually it has been horrible.

Ethan is not happy when he has no routine and he is full of raging hormones, put the two together and we get a very angry Ethan. Thankfully the weather has been relatively ok and we have been able to go out and about which has saved our sanity on a few occasions.

We are also changing some medications and they ‘seem’ to be working well, but alas with all medications it will take time to see the real effects.

This break from routine has brought a few things our way; some things we knew were coming other things not so much.

Firstly Ethan- we knew his mobility was declining. We knew he wasn’t able to walk for as long as he used to and we knew he was angry due to some pain he has been having (because of walking/running)

We knew all that.

Yet, when we sat with an OT (occupational thearpist) in a small room while she and D measured Ethan for his first ever wheelchair…we still felt a little surprised.

We were both happy to try and get a wheelchair for Ethan because we could see the difference in him when we brought him out and about in his (far too small) adapted buggy. We knew a wheelchair could potentially keep him mobile (for a tad longer) — able to walk but always having the option of the chair when he needed it.

He was happy to try out a wheelchair and very happy to go in and out of it; with slightly heavy hearts we agreed it was time and we are now waitng for a suitable wheelchair for Ethans needs.

Ethan has never and will never ‘fit’ into that box–one size fits all– so due to his high level of needs a wheelchair is being modified especially for him; and rightly so!

It wasn’t an easy day by any means but later that night we had a good chat about how much happier Ethan has been since we started using his adapted buggy. And yeah, he has been happier.

The following day on a completely different topic, I got a notification that my website/blog had been nominated for four Irish Blog Awards–which blew me away and today I got notified that I am also nominated for four awards over in the UK (MAD Blog Awards).

Despite having it on my page (both awards) I really didn’t see these nominations coming- I was just ‘chancing my arm’ so to speak, because, let’s face it, I’m new and I’m not exactly ‘main stream’ !

I know these are very unimportant in the grand scheme of things but I can’t lie; it really made me smile. It gave me a little lift when I needed it so very much.

To those of you who did nominate me for either awards–honestly, I cannot say thank you enough. You guys really did pick me up X






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