Happy Fathers Day D!

“Is there anything Daddy can’t do?” J my middle son asked me last week.
“Sure there is buddy!” I laughed as J stood expectantly with his arms on his hips.”Well…” his eyes narrowed, “Give me examples mom” he ordered.
“J,why do you think there is nothing Dad can’t do?” I asked curious to hear his answer. “Well…” he paused. Crossing his long arms across his belly, he smiled, “Well, let’s see, he can build Lego without the instructions” he exclaimed ,his arms now out stretched.
He began to count, on his fingers, the amount of things Daddy can do.. “He can make dinner, he can fix anything, he can even fix a car, he can reach my lightbulb without standing on his tip toes or using a chair, mom” he nodded at me clearly disapproving of my methods. “He can pick Ethan up and hold him tight to calm him” again I got a nod, another disapproving one…I get Ethan to stand on a chair…obviously this is not good enough for my J!
I laughed, “Anything else Dad is super at?”. J smiled. “Everything mom, that’s my point!”
“Dad is dad J. He is human. He isn’t able to do plenty of stuff but he tries hard and learns and…” . J rolled his eyes, “I know, I know…with plenty of work and practise we can all be good at plenty of things…blah blah”.Maybe I need to retire that speech…

“J, you asked is there anything Dad can’t do. Do you know what dad can’t do?” J shook his head, his eyes wide, waiting for the answer to his burning question. “He can’t show you an easy way to do something or to learn something, the truth is J, there is no easy way. You have to work hard in school, at home, listen to me, dad,your grandparents. It’s those people who will teach you how to do the things dad knows” l watched his face as he thought over my somewhat by the book answer.

“Mam, seriously, dad showed me an easy way to remember my long division, and  how to make my bed quicker than ever and…” I cut him off, my point was lost on him.
“J dad can’t sing. He can’t hold a note in his head” I laughed as the thought entered my head, what can’t you do D?

You have picked me up more times than I can count.
You’ve taken on the workload of twenty and still been here when we needed you.
You can fix anything. You really can.
You can change a sh**e filled nappy while talking and playing with Ethan or D, whom ever the culprit may be.
You can ring any doctor or specialist and speak to them as if they were interrupting your day. (you have to show me how!)
You can calm any child filled fight by making even the toddler see sense.
You work well when nagged. (I’d like to thank your mammy for that!)
When you have an idea or a goal; come hell or high water you will see it through.
You find the funny in every serious situation – even when it’s damn hard to find!
You can regulate Ethan in seconds while doing your nerd code…computer code I mean!
You cook like you’re a chef using J as a commis chef and a dishwasher..
You are not grossed out by vomit, yours, mine or the boys… which I am super grateful for!
You surprise me far too often and spend far too much (this is not a criticism, please continue to do so!)
You know when I’ve had enough…you simply come in and march those boys out!
You play with our boys like you’re a child yourself, laughing and giggling, shouting and messing.
You’re a gadget man …with six little eyes always watching and wondering, asking and pointing “What’s that daddy and how does it work?”  You don’t mind being a parrot, you’ll answer them over and over and…!

You remind our sons that mammy works hard, every day you remind them, that I am one of a kind.

Tomorrow is Fathers day. There are two things that strike me, it is actually true what they say, “A girl will marry a man just like her daddy”( love you Willie!) and “That if you want to see how your husband will treat you, watch how his father treats his mother” (Everyone should have a Jim, eh D?!)

So J to answer your question, as daddy would say “it’s not the can’t that matters…it’s the can that does” 

We all love you D!!!!

Happy Fathers day to you D… my daddy Willie and the one and only Jim… and to all the wonderful truly amazing fathers out there. Ye guys rock!



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