HAAAA this just happened!!!!

You know that smile. All mammies know that smile. The eyes are squinted, the nose wrinkled up and the teeth are on show. Yeah, THAT smile.

” Ah look at him D, he’s bloody done something ” I sigh as I get up off the cosy couch.

“What?” D turns around from his computer desk,”No he hasn’t, he’s just smiling at us, ahh he’s adorable”, he smiles at the baby who is still doing THAT smile.

“Baby boy, what have ya done?” I ask, as if expecting an answer.

“I done nuthin’ I innocent” D laughs as he picks the baby up onto his lap.

I screech as I watch the poo drip from the baby onto D’s jeans. D jumps, holding the now laughing baby at arms length. “Help!”

I laugh as I watch the poo drip onto the floor as D tries to avoid it hitting his shoe.
“At least you’re wearing your brown shoes” I laugh as I grab the wipes.



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