For you J! My darling middle guy!

You’ve asked me many times to tell you the story of you.
Well, Mr J, as your 10th birthday is upon us, here is the story of you.

It was the 2nd of January, 2005, I was almost 7 months pregnant, with you, my little fighter, when my waters broke.
I didn’t really understand what dangers we were in; you see J, the waters surrounding you in my belly, protected you, they cushioned you and kept you safe and healthy.
Daddy quickly brought me to the hospital. The doctors decided to give me two special injections, one in each thigh, to help develop your lungs. They told us you were not ready to come out, so if they could delay your birth, they would.
I was very scared J. My waters continued to come out every time I stood up. I had to lay in bed, to try and stop them leaking out. Daddy and I talked all night long with the doctors, who told us that I would have to stay in the hospital until it was safe for you to be born.
I was in the hospital for four whole weeks, lying in the bed, just waiting for the doctors to come and say “Today Geraldine, we are delivering your baby!”. I had scans every second day to see how you were doing. The nurse would put jelly on my belly, I’d look at the little TV screen, watching you move around in my belly. It was amazing. You were amazing.
Finally, on the 3rd of February, the doctors felt you were ready to meet us. They had special machines, a special cot and a very special team of doctors to help me bring you into the world. Daddy kept telling them you wouldn’t need any of the special equipment they had, “He’ll be too big for that” he made me laugh, when they brought in the special cot, which is called an incubator.
24 hours passed and finally, I had to give one more push and out you came. It was 9.05am and the 4th of February ~ your birthday.
They rushed you away to a corner of the room, there were beeping noises and gasps as they weighed you. “6lb 14oz, and 53cm long.Daddy, looks like you were right, this little guy is too big for our cot!” the doctor turned around with you, our precious little boy, in her arms, she laughed as the team clapped. You were perfect. No one could guess you were four weeks early, you were even too long for newborn baby grows! They quickly showed you to us, I kissed you while daddy kissed me! They took you away for a little while just to make sure everything was ok, and everything was.
I was laying thinking about how lucky we were to have you when they brought you back to me. You laid on my chest and slept, while I stroked your back. I told you then, all about your sister that I never got to meet. You opened your eyes, I was sure you understood me.
Three days later daddy, grandad Jim and I brought you home. Ethan loved you straight away. It was very easy to love you then and it is very easy to love you now, ten years later.

You are not only a big brother to baby D but you’ve always been a big brother to Ethan. I know it is hard sometimes J. I know it is. You are incredible. You are such a strong little boy with a heart of gold that any mammy and daddy would be proud of. You help me so much with both your brothers, that sometimes I forget you are a kid too~ I am sorry for forgetting that sometimes kiddo.
Thank you for being my son. Thank you for making me laugh,thanks for dancing with me in the kitchen,thanks for singing along to Elvis,thanks for teaching me all about Minecraft, Mario and the Wii U~ you are keeping me cool… sorry…you are helping me have ‘swagger’~ Did I use it right J?!!!!
Happy Happy 10th Birthday our wonderful boy,
Mommy and Daddy love you more than you know.


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