Finally, I got that Friday feeling….

Friday was one of those days~one that has your soul dancing.

Ethan came home from school singing, “ho ho ho merry Trissmass “, while baby D let me clean each nappy without trying to investigate his ‘Mickey’ and J had no homework, it’s the little things eh?!

I read Ethan’s communication book, as I do every school day, there was a message telling me to put on his afos ( braces for his legs ) as soon as I could, Ethan had a surprise for me.

Ever since his casts came off, two weeks pervious, Ethan has not been able to walk. It’s been a rough two weeks trying to encourage him, help him and ignore his pleas for you to carry him. It has been heartbreaking. He has been crawling these past weeks and sadly, we were told, this could simply be his condition progressing. We on the other hand, could not really accept that as Ethan had been walking fine ( although high on his tip toes) before he ever got the damn Botox.
We believed the reason he was not able to walk now, was due to him not being able to balance on flat feet, something that he hadn’t been used to for over ten years. We argued this with his physio and occupational teams, who agreed that we may have a point. Finally, on Monday, Ethan got afos which, we hoped, would help support his weak muscles and help him get used to his ‘new’ feet. It didn’t appear to be working though, we considered maybe hunters was taking away his ability to walk, maybe it was just that.
Friday I read his communication book, Friday the boys also got post from their aunty L (my baby sister) all the way from Australia, needless to say there was a bit of excitement. I decided to place the sign she had especially made for the boys out of Ethan’s reach, knowing he’d love it as Santa is on it, I showed him it ( after I put his afos on) and told him, ” Ethan get it”.

To my amazement, he got up and stumbled over to it singing “santee claws is tuming whoo hoo”, he danced around the room singing and shouting. I cried. There he was, my boy, back on his feet, dancing and singing. Yes, yes the afos and the excitement helped but witnessing this made me feel like I was witness to a tiny miracle, silly as it may sound, but my heart was fit to burst. I began to record. I recorded about 20 minutes of him being Ethan again through watery eyes.

I had plans that evening to meet up with my three friends and go around the Christmas market, do a spot of shopping, ( which I found stressful, as I’ve nothing ready!) and maybe have a hot drink.

That’s exactly what we done and ya know, it was perfect, I really enjoyed hanging around like that with them. They were curious as to why I was so giddy, but ya know, sometimes ya can’t say, ” I thought Ethan had lost the ability to walk, I haven’t slept with worry and I’m afraid my babies days are numbered”, that talk kind puts a dampener on things, instead they heard about Ethan getting better at the walking, they decided maybe I had too much sugar too ~I’m like a hyper kid with too much sugar, in fairness, they had a point!

Friday my soul danced, thanks to my boys, afos, my sister and my wonderful, crazy friends who think nothing of me acting like a big kid~ it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas !

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