Feb~ My Dad’s Birthday (s) !

My dad turned 64 this past week.

I rang him to wish him a happy birthday.

“Ahh, Ahhh Hello, Mac’keen is it?”

I’d been waiting for this birthday since I was in knee socks, sitting on the back of his bike, repeating his favourite songs from the top of my tiny lungs.

“Will you still need me? Will you still feed me? When I’m SIXTY FOUR”
I paused to hear him giggle…

“When I get older losing my hair…”

“Mac, ahh, Mac…MAC’KEEN!”
I continued..

“Many years from now..or sooner than we think ” I added.

“Mac, Mac’keen will ya lis’hen, will ya” he was getting annoyed now.
Ha, I had him just where I wanted him….It’s always fun to annoy him a little!

“Will you still be sending me a Valentine..”

My mothers voice silenced, my off key singing.

“Geraldine.We are in the supermarket.He can’t turn off loud speaker. Be quiet!”

“Oh shit, Really?” I felt my face blush, then I remembered no one can see me…what the heck!

“Will you still need me…” I began laughing as I could hear my father saying to the cashier, “Sorry about this one, we are better off waiting until she’s had her fun.”


“Are you finished now Mac?” he started laughing.

“Ya. Happy birthday we will be out to see you at the weekend.”

“Thank you Mac’keen. They’ve all enjoyed your singing here. And ah, ah, don’t forget, tomorrow is my birthday too, good girl’een. Ciao. Daddy out”. He hung up.

Two birthdays?!
(You may be wondering!)

Yes. My dad, for as long as I can remember has insisted he has two birthdays. My granny (RIP) always told him he was born on the 5th of February but the midwife disagreed and put down the 6th of February, as apparently dad was born at 12:02am but the legend that was granny (Smyth) was adamant he was born at 11:58pm….

The only thing they agreed on was the year, so we know for sure he is 64!

Each year, dad reminds us all,of both of his birthdays, which makes us laugh. Each year he get cards on one day, then gifts on the other. He never has gotten two gifts from any of us (unless it were part of a prank, obviously!) but each year, bless him he tries it. “Sure God loves a trier!” he’d remind us. I’m pretty sure the meaning of that saying is lost on him,still.

So, I’d like to wish my daddy a very happy second 64th birthday, thanks dad for influencing my taste in music and for showing me how important it is to laugh.

Love your walkin’ talkin’ livin’ doll, Mac’keen xxxxxx



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