Ethan Rocks!

The very first rock I painted.

Hello and welcome!

If you have made your way to this website due to finding one of Ethan Rocks, I am delighted to ‘see’ you!

What started as something to keep my mind busy grew into something bigger than I could have ever hoped for.

I began painting rocks a few weeks ago. I drew all of Ethans favourite things and gave the stones as ‘gifts’ to family and friends.

Ethan adored everything Disney related, from Mickey ‘fugging’ Mouse ( yes, Ethan cursed at Mickey Mouse when he met him in ‘person’ while on his Make A Wish trip. It was a memorable moment for Mickey Mouse too! ) to Moana. He loved cartoons, films, books, and puppet shows too.

Mary Poppins is out somewhere waiting to be found!

As a young child, he demanded I draw whichever character he was obsessed with at that time. I could never find a colouring book to meet his demands, so I would spend the evenings drawing, and he would spend days colouring. He loved my drawings. And I loved watching him colour in my efforts.

A friend recently told me about a group that paint stones and randomly leave them for others to find. I thought wouldn’t that be a lovely thing for me to do in Ethans memory, and to be honest, I was running out of people to ‘gift’ my stones to as well !! I went home that evening and couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I stayed up drawing for Ethan for all those nights. Wouldn’t it be lovely to do this in honour of Ethan and hope that others find joy in them as Ethan used to?

Mr Bean is waiting to be discovered somewhere in Kildare, I believe!

The Facebook group ‘Ethan Rocks’ was created over a week ago and has already gained a lovely following.

I paint rocks, I leave a quote from the character, and on the back, I ask that the finder either keeps the rock, leaves the rock or moves the rock.
It is a simple idea, yet it is bringing so much joy not only to those in the group but to us, Ethans family too.

I have been using the hashtag “ethanandme” to keep track of the rocks as the hashtag “ethanrocks” is very popular and too hard to keep track of! I guess all Ethans must rock!

In between painting Ethan Rocks, I am finding myself writing down some ideas for my next book; I feel like I am ready to commit to writing it, so for that, I thank you guys because had you not shown interest in Ethan Rocks, I think I would have just stopped.

Honestly, thank you.

And for those of you who are new here, please check out my book over on my store and join my Facebook page It’s Me & Ethan for more regular updates.

Timmy Turner is out in my back garden, I couldn’t part with him!



Amanda Fitzgerald Willock
July 9, 2021 at 5:33 pm

Geraldine such a beautiful idea in memory of such a special boy ❤, I’m sure you are also helping so many through their journey by sharing yours, big hugs and admiration xx #ethanrocks

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