Dyson Pure Cool is Cool


It couldn’t have come at a better time.

He had been struggling . This was a new struggle for him and us . We have never had to deal with this kind of heat here in Ireland before but with Ethan it was very different . His breathing was affected, his eating , drinking, sleeping and general well being . He was shaky. Unable to walk and very unhappy.

I will not lie, we begged for the heatwave to p*ss off as we watched our boy struggle.

Basic fans didn’t help, they blew too hard and too fast at him. We spent our days inside pumping water through his peg .

We didn’t fulfill any of our day trips as promised to our other sons as the heat was too much to bear for Ethan especially.

They have spent most of the heatwave outside our back garden and down at the local park.

I had never known how heat could affect Ethan until that heatwave arrived.



Just when we had thought the heatwave had died down, it started up again and that’s when it arrived.

The delivery guy stood at the door waiting for my signature . I smiled at him and asked if he had the right house .

I had forgotten about the message sent through my instagram regarding the potential collaboration between DID Electrical and I .

It’s not often I agree to collaborations truth be told; I get some amount of offers that have nothing to do with my writing. I was once asked to review make-up , which made me laugh ,if you saw my attempt at makeup you would be laughing too.

I agreed to this collaboration because DID , were beyond thoughtful regarding what they wanted to send me. They clearly knew that this would make Ethans life that bit easier .

Excitedly I opened the box, stopping halfway , wondering if , I may be lacking the skills to put this together. Let me tell you, a child can put this together which is amazing considering how much technology is in the fan.

It took me ten minutes , only because I stopped to take photos at every step.


The Dyson Pure Cool is pretty. It looks futuristic. It’s eye catching yet it can blend into the background of any room.

One of the simplest features of the Dyson Pure Cool is actually one of my favourites because the designer I felt, understood how remote controls can easily get lost in a house full of remote controls…the top of the fan is magnetic , so you can leave the controller on top and it won’t fall off. Such a simple idea, yet so so handy.

I only found the envelope after I had the base out of the box. It was a lovely letter telling me that they watched the programme on RTE ‘ Stressed’ and felt that this could really help Ethan especially since we were in the middle of a major heatwave.

They were not wrong.

I was touched by their accuracy as the letter explained that this was an air purifier too, meaning that this little fan could clean the air around Ethan too.

We have had the Dyson Pure Cool for a little over three weeks now and we are absolutely amazed by it.

There is an app which you can download to your phone, making it simple to see how well the fan is working for you or in our case for Ethan.

I set the fan up in the corner of Ethans sitting room ( yes folks, we are still waiting on our extension and truthfully, we can’t see it happening any time soon)

Ethan wasn’t very interested in it until I turned it on.

The cool air gently blowing on him made him laugh. The fan can turn 360 degrees so it can blow air all over the room, but we just kept it at 90 degrees ensuring Ethan felt that cool air.

You can also set the speed of the fan , so it didn’t going against his breath like some fans have.

Ethan ,as most of you know , has breathing issues and with great heat can come great issues.

The pollen count has been quite high of late ; so has Ethans wheezing and coughing . When I turned on the purifier it eased but the coolest thing happened late last week.

Our neighbours are building and the dust as you can imagine is everywhere. Due to the drilling and general building ,some of the dust started filtering into Ethan’s room downstairs (through the vent) .

I checked the quality of the air around Ethan using the Dyson Pure Cool app and it was what I had expected ; pretty bad.

I wondered if our handy little Dyson could help with this and left it on for about an hour while we went to the park.

I came back and checked the air quality and there it was , a graph telling me that the air was now purified and of a good quality .

It could also tell me the humidity, temperature and speed of the fan while I was out.

I was very impressed that not only could this app tell me all this and more but that I could understand it .

I found it pretty cool too that it cleaned the air which reduced Ethans cough and wheeze by mid day . By the evening his wheeze and cough were gone . The next day he didn’t cough or wheeze .

I run the purifier daily now just to ensure while all this building is going on that Ethan isn’t breathing it in. Sometimes I run it a couple of times , depending on the building works and the pollen count .

The Dyson Pure Cool is truly amazing .

It is expensive. There is no way that we could have afforded this straight out . We would have to save for it but it is worth saving the few Euro for a few weeks especially for people like Ethan with breathing issues ; that’s not to say that it isn’t worth buying if you don’t have breathing issues . All our family have been enjoying the Dyson Pure Cool for different reasons – the speed of the fan on a hot day is absolute heaven.

Taking a deep breath in Ethan’s room is refreshing these days , parents with kiddies like Ethan will understand that little fact.

You can read more about the Dyson Pure Cool here as I am sure anyone who is interested in getting one would like to know more about the technical side .

What can I tell you? It’s amazing, it works wonderfully for our family and we are very grateful to Dyson and DID for thinking of us and sending us the Dyson Pure Cool.

*Disclaimer – I was sent the Dyson Pure Cool in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own . This post contains affiliate links



  1. You forget that this heatwave we are having isn’t for everyone and it sounds like it had made it very hard for Ethan. How amazing that you have found this fan and it benefits sound great. I love how within an hour it had helped purify the air and cooled everything down. Hope it continues to help as it seems the hot weather is still going.

  2. Ooh I’ve wanted to try one of these for so long but you know, they’re not cheap. I think though they’re worth the money as they’d last for years and if it helps keep your little ones cool then it is definitely worth it.

  3. I’ve been looking at these for us, but I didn’t realise they were able to purify the air as well. It sounds brilliant, and especially so for anyone who struggles with breathing issues. I have asthma, as does my son, so this would be ideal. I’m so glad it helped Ethan and made the heatwave a bit more bearable for you all.

  4. I have seen these fans but never knew if they would be worth the money, but sounds like they are and even more so for people like Ethan. Great product and I am so glad it’s helped

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