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I had just ordered three vests from Australia; costing us 100 Euro. Yep, 100 Euro for three pieces of clothing which would help my child keep his dignity while in public , all the way from Oz. The pieces in question weren’t that dear, 20 or so dollars it was the shipping that shot it up to a cool 100 Euro.

I searched the article again where I heard about the Dunnes range – I spotted a few different designs – then my phone beeped. It continued to beep with a few emails from readers asking had I seen the article and what my opinion on the clothes were.

I decided there and then I would give Dunnes Stores’ new line the Ethan test.
I ordered two onesies, three vests and one packet of bibs; which were delivered the very next day.
For those of you who have never read anything about Ethan, let me assure you, this kid can get out of clothes in less than two minutes flat, at the most inconvenient of times and places.
Parents like me know that when the Winter strikes the best bedtime clothes we can purchase are onesies – especially ones with no hoods and feet out. We turn them back to front and zip from behind; even Ethan can’t get out of it. The reason for this? So we can sleep that bit better knowing our kids are warm on the off chance we don’t hear them when they first wake up or on the off chance they wake up after we’ve checked on them 10 times before we finally hit the hay ; we at least know, that they are warm and not naked running around the room.
Lately; Ethan has regressed, so much so that we are talking about peg feeding him – I am not writing this for pity, I am writing this because I have been trying to educate myself on peg feeding . Did you know that it’s very hard to find clothes that cater for people who are peg fed? No, like most people it would never enter your head and that’s absolutely understandable but for a lot of parents and Carers accessing that peg can be quite difficult through average clothing.
I put the Dunnes onesie I purchased for Ethan on him that very next day. I had a little ray of hope but secretly knowing it wouldn’t take long before he would realise that there are buttons all down the front – basically a baby grow for bigger kids. Not suitable but this clever mammy had a Dunnes vest underneath and due to Ethan’s limited mobility he was unable to reach under and pull that open – so great job Dunnes!
The onesies aren’t suitable for kiddies like Ethan- my suggestion ; make the onesies with comfortable zippers on the back – it’ll save us parents having to buy onesies which are safe to but back to front and I promise you Dunnes; there is a market for them!

The vests are Ethan proof, for now. I say for now because I think it is only a matter of time before he sits down and pulls like a demon to pop some of those buttons.
A solution? Add a zipper! A zipper placed in between the legs , or going from front to back, or even on the side so we still don’t have to take the vest off in order to freshen our kiddies up.( I am clearly not a clothes designer but I think you get the idea !)
Peg feeding; again it’s a simple enough solution, add a little pocket in the front of the vest making the peg that bit more accessible.
I would like to see more colours, prints , designs and of course simply put – more choice and more sizes! Currently the Dunnes range only goes to age 14; something many places don’t do, so kudos for that Dunnes , but we need more sizes and adult sizes; like all kids , our kiddies come in all shape and sizes – for example Ethan is age 14 and fits your 9-10 range perfectly but I assure you that there is a 14 year old too big for your range.
The bibs, I didn’t use as Ethan threw them at my head and told me to “Leave me alone, fug way you”; which I took as a “shove your bib up your a@* mammy”, so I didn’t force the issue.
The prices are amazing (well done Dunnes), the delivery (fee to your door is very very cheap ) and the fact that you can even order them to your nearest store at no extra cost– fantastic.

It is about time our community aren’t having to pay over the odds for special adapted items our children and young adults need.

Overall; honestly Dunnes – well done !
I can’t wait to see this range expand and for you parents out there wondering if they are worth investing in; my opinion is that they are indeed.
What else would I personally love to see Dunnes doing? AFO socks , jumpers suitable when used with Dunnes vests for peg feeding , tee-shirts and long sleeve tops that also fasten underneath — the list is endless but there are many parents and Carers in our community applauding one of our own superstores for finally filling a huge gap in the clothing market – Well done Dunnes and thank you!

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