Disneyland Baby

Arriving at our hotel, Disney’s Newport Bay Club, the excitement in the car was electric. I felt like I was a child as I jumped out staring up at this beautiful huge hotel. “Wow” I smiled as Ethan bursted out of the car, pushing J out of his way. D was helping Alexis (our lovely driver) with the luggage, when two men dressed in suits approached us.

“Welcome to Disneyland Paris” I had Ethans hand in mine as he was now jumping with such force,I began to jump too.”Mickey Mouse yippee” he was roaring over and over. I still get emotional when I picture that.

“Welcome Ethan” the older gentleman, patted Ethans head, smiling at me he winked, “Somebody is very excited!” J was now running up and down the steps to the hotel begging his daddy to hurry on! I was quite happily ignoring him when the same man turned to him and said “Hey J! Daddy will be ready in two minutes buddy”.

J stopped, looked at me then at the man. “How do you know my name?”. The very question that was screaming in my head. “Ahh” he smiled as he motioned for the other man to get our luggage. “Mickey Mouse has been expecting you all”.

D came over, shook the mans hand and thanked him, while I stood in awe.

We entered the hotel. It was much more than a hotel. It was full of bright colours, children and balloons. It was amazing. Ethan ran off to the Mickey Mouse memorabilia store, cleverly placed slightly off the centre of the foyer. I followed as D and J made their way to the reception. “Mickey Mouse!” Ethan had stared again. Taking a deep breath, I bent down beside him. “Yeah, Mickey Mouse”, I rubbed his back, hoping this may calm him. It did not.

I stood in the middle of the store and watched Ethan run from one table full of Minnie Mouses to another full of Mickey Mouses. For once, I did not move. He was squealing with such delight, grabbing Mickey and Minnie kissing and cuddling them. I approached the shop assistant and pointed at Ethan, “I’ll take two of each”. She smiled.

Ethan flew out of the shop into D’s arms, showing off his new teddies. “Mickey Mouse!” he shouted, all wide eyed and red faced. “Wow Ethan, some for J too?” D kissed his soft forehead. J tried his best to coax the two teddies from Ethan, but Ethan was just not ready to part with them. “Aww mom, tell him” I bent down to our then 4 year old son, this poor kid is going to have to try to understand some things often adults can’t, I thought.”Here you go J” Ethan threw a Mickey and a Minnie at him. ” Now J. Lucky duck” I kissed his tiny hand. “Wow, thanks Ethie”, he hugged his teddies tight.


“Ethan and family, are you ready to see your room?” the receptionist had come out from behind her desk, room keys in hand. “Follow me” she held J’s hand as we walked along side her. Ethan was now singing “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” from the top of his lungs. She began to sing along, which still warms my heart to this day.

“Ethan, J, mom and dad, I believe Mickey Mouse stopped by and left you gifts” she smiled as she opened the room to our Make A Wish suite.

I cannot describe the feeling that ran through every part of my body. I felt like I was going to burst. D handed me a tissue. I let the tears come. I watched as our boys jumped on their beds which were full of gifts, shouting and laughing asking me to come join them! We both ran and jumped, taking their little hands in ours, D yelled “Mickey Mouse whoo hoooo”. The receptionist laughed and reminded me Ethan’s wheelchair would be ready tomorrow morning for our first trip to the park.

My heart sank.

No matter how much fun we are having, Hunter Syndrome is always there.



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