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It's school report season and for the first time ever my three boys had reports😲🙌 We more than most know that grad…
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RT @ProfoundIreland: 'A carer, what is that?' I am a weight lifter. I am a nurse. I am a specialist. I am exhausted. (via @thejournal_ie) h…
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RT @MPSSocietyUK: Blog entry from @ItsMe__Ethan "THE PERKS" Absolutely love this post - so insightful and positive, check it out: https://…
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2 weeks ago

It's me & Ethan

I don't use the manual one as much as I used to.

I'm a little bit spoiled when it comes Ethan's wheelchair ...😬

The electric one makes our little walks around the estate so much easier back doesn't ache as much and the hills are a piece of p...👍

But the manual chair is the one we bring on days out ...😉

We've to push it up hills ,over bumps and try to do it at a speed our little man enjoys (he is a speed demon🤫)

Why do we bring the manual ?🤔

Well have any of you ever tried bringing an electric chair to a place you've never been before or are not fimilair with ?🤦🚨

It can't go down a kerb, it can't go up on a kerb and it's not made for the off road trips we tend to go on with all our boys.🤷

We are very lucky to have both these chairs but only one is serviced by Ethans team,the other one is on us; like with most people who need extra equipment to do things they enjoy,the cost is on ourselves. 😉

This Summer we are making a point of bringing the electric chair just so we can see exactly how accessible places are and how good the battery is 🤦

Truth be told,we will probably have the manual one folded up in the car because that little light on the electric chair tells lies ...😕

But for most of my Summer I will be motoring along with electric one around our estate while Ethan drags the dog along at a speed he's happy with ( which fyi is the max on the chair ,no surprise there 🤷)

Lola is just going to have to up her game 😂

How's your Summer going thus far ?!

#bloveethan #itsmeandethan
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2 weeks ago

It's me & Ethan

It's only funny now 😬😂

It wasn't funny earlier today; it was awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable😬😬

He sat playing with the lego wall which flanks one portion of the long corridor.

I sat there with him until my bum went numb.

I showed him where the waiting room was and informed him that is where he could find me when he was ready.


Five minutes I was sitting in there when he came bursting through the door 🚨

I wasn't alone in the weirdly quite full waiting room but that didn't deter him 🤦

"Mammy I just remembered Ironman should be here" he declared while searching around adults and children alike.

I glanced around hoping I could spot the toy figure.

"Scuse me ..eggcuse me" he repeated as he almost pushed a woman from her seat😯

She smiled and pointed to the small table where Ironman was sitting.

Excitedly he ran over to him and swept him up in his hands and began a game of Ironman.

Within ten minutes everyone in the room was regretting that he had found that toy ,the blasted thing and it's catchphrase "I am Ironman" gets a bit irratating after the first twenty times or so.

But,he was having fun and passing the time while we waited for his brother😉

Then it happened😬

In his own little world enjoying his Ironman he was pretending he was in "Avengers Endgame" - it was too late before I noticed.

To be honest I wasn't listening to him,I was concerning myself with whether or not I'd taken meat out of the freezer for dinner🤔

It was the woman's voice that made me listen.

"Oh no! Don't.Stop talking.We haven't seen the film yet" 😬🤯

Yep he had given a vital part of Endgame away and nope he wasn't done yet ...

She wasn't to know but telling him to stop and then adding a dramatic "cover your ears" action was indeed seen as a challenge to him; could his voice be loud enough to go through the cupped hands of hers ...and her son's ...

I tried to stop him 🛑

I felt my face flush as this lady was very serious about him needing to be quiet.

Others covered their mouths and tried to hide their giggles, which I was greatful for because had he seen that he would have probably told her about the "other" big surprise in Endgame 🤦

The door opened and I was so happy to see my middle guy standing there telling me he was done.

"Come on" I glared at my child who ruins films for people while apologising on his behalf once more.

"Don't be saying sorry mammy, sure I didn't tell them everything like when ..."

I shoved him out the door.

And that is the last time I bring him with me to an appointment that isn't for him ...well, I hope 🤷

Anyone else have a little churb like mine?! Please share 😂
#itsmeandethan #bloveethan
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Suzanne Dunne
October 27, 2016 at 1:07 am

Did you ever find out what the canteen lady’s name was? I have 2 aunts who work there and was just wondering if it was one of them. Because the way you describe her sounds like them both. But all the staff are so kind and get little or no recognition for the job they do. So from myself and the many times I’ve spent overnight with my 3 boys (ESPECIALLY my eldest son now 18) thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart xxxx

    October 28, 2016 at 8:28 am

    Hey Suzanne! Yes I did indeed. Nora is the lovely ladies name! Yoou’re absolutley right, there are many amazing ladies and gents working there, that’s for sure. Thank you so much for taking the time to get in contact. Wishing you and your boys well x

April 11, 2019 at 4:47 pm


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