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3 days ago

It's me & Ethan

In honour of Fathers Day today , I wrote this for my darling hubby and men all over just like him !

Becasue of my dad, I picked a. good one and because of his dad he is a good one.

So thank you daddy and daddy in law.

Happy Fathers Day to all you great daddies out there and to those mammies out there doing it alone and to those daddies doing it alone - I hope you all know how special you are .

He’s the tough through our rough ,
the soft place to land kinda dad,

He’s the fixer , the doer upper ,
the I have an idea kinda dad,

He’s the planner , the I don’t need a map ,
the just turn on google so kinda dad ,

He’s the endless fact finder,
the did you know kinda dad,

He’s the joker ,
the pulling faces in a photo kinda dad,

He’s the cook,
the dishes can wait kinda dad,

He’s a list maker, the time planner,
the housework will be done eventually kinda dad,

He’s the spider catcher ,
the I rehomed that spider in your room kinda dad,

He’s the sports guru,
the I really only care about rugby kinda dad,

He’s the computer wizard ,
the I’ll show you how kinda dad,

He’s the problem solver ,
the believer in a solution to everything kinda dad,

He’s a dream encourager ,
the you can do it buddy kinda dad,

He’s the hugger , the high fiver, the play wrestling,
the affectionate kinda dad,

He’s the let's go on an adventure ,
the accessibility finder or maker kinda dad,

He’s the smiler at staring strangers ,
the do you have a question kinda dad,

He’s the biggest boy in the house ,
the type which makes the best kinda dad.

Happy Father’s Day D .

We blove you .

#bloveethan #itsmeandethan #fathersday
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5 days ago

It's me & Ethan

He's a funny fur ball.

He will tell you when it's time to play , rest and feed him.

He's bossy.

He growls at our dog but let's her around him. ( very accomindating of him considering it's HER home ) 🤣🤣🤣

He loves the kids rubbing him under his chin.

He loves his belly scratched but most of all he loves his bed and your bed ...

He's been in my home for almost 2 weeks.

He's easy please making it easy to like him.

I helped hand feed him when he was a kitten .

My big brother feel in love with him and decided he was going to give this little kitten a forever home .

And for 8 years my brother and his Beckett Cat were room mates .

Beckett Cat has a special diet but it's easily managed once you take the time to understand that he needs special food and once in awhile an extra bit of TLC too .

My brother understood this and took the best possible care of Mr Beckett Cat until he couldn't...

My brother was taken to A & E and is now thankfully in better health than he was but it's a long road to recovery.

He is in hospital and may be there for awhile yet .

Mr Beckett Cat is currently in my kitchen wondering where his home comforts are and where his daddy is 💔

When my brother leaves the hospital he will not be in any shape to care for Beckett Cat due to his own illness.

My brother is obviously devastated.

Why am I sharing this ?

I told a taxi man earlier today about what was bothering me and why he was picking me up at the hospital ( he did ask FYI!..and sure I love nothing more than sharing a story 😉)

Don't taxi drivers make great therapists?

This Taxi man, in particular did me a great kindness today ; he wished my brother well and me luck in rehoming Mr Beckett Cat . He brought me from the Galway hospital over to Roscam , a fare which costs over 15 Euro and insisted I pay only 5.

This isn't about the money( although that was very very kind ) but about what he said - " I will keep your brother in my prayers and the balance of this fare , I will get a mass said in his name; the cat will be ok . You're doing enough"

Maybe I am , maybe I am not but what I am sure of is that my brother loves that cat and I can finally see ,why 😿 He is a charmer 😍

Beckett Cat is currently floating around Facebook land over on Galway Cat Rescue page ...

We have hope he will be rehomed 🤞

Please , if you can help , do .

Thank you all so much for sharing, reading and commenting 😍😘

#bloveethan #itsmeandethan #taxidrivers
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7 days ago

It's me & Ethan

It is national Carers Week here in Ireland.

Twice I have made an effort to be part of this week and twice I have walked away thinking that Carers in Ireland get the rawest deal by our Government.

While raising awareness of the forgotten, the overworked and undervalued in our country our Government still don’t make any viable changes as to how they treat the Carers of this country.

Maybe I am wrong. I don’t follow ‘Carers Week’, I don’t attend events or talks because I can’t.

I appreciate the efforts made but I can’t help but think when are the angry carers going to voice the truth ? When are we going to stand up and say enough ?

The government have no fear of us doing this as who would care for our loved ones while we marched to the Dail? Carers Week tries hard to highlight this but is it enough ?

What I can tell you is that I am a Carer.

I am one of the many forgotten on our island.

I am a number .

I am classified as ‘unemployed’.

I am the one who makes endless phone calls asking for help.

It’s like those adverts ran on our TV screens reminding us to look after our mental health yet we have read countless stories about how the health system has let down these very people who scream for help .

What will it take for the Carers of Ireland to be heard?

We aren’t a drain on society ; we save the state billions ; yes, billions.

Yet , there’s a woman in an unsuitable home with her two sons begging for help to keep her kiddies together . Her pleas have gone unheard - Transitioning Angels

There’s another woman writing the rawest of truth of being a carer and she too goes unheard- Adventures In Autieland

My son cannot walk up the stairs any longer.

He falls out of his unsuitable bed.

The suitable bed can’t fit into his room , so we need a downstairs extension ; which will probably come too late .

I cannot shower my child. His adapted bathroom is no longer suitable .

Perhaps if I was paid a fair wage and given all the benefits that come with ‘working’ , I could afford to build the bathroom and bedroom needed to make my son’s life more comfortable . But alas, I am a carer and I will not receive a fair wage, ever.

I have to rely on the state to help me. I didn’t get a choice.

Would you work 24 hours a day , with broken sleep regularly …then be expected to do it all again without a hot cup of coffee?

Would you work without being able to take a sick day , I mean you cannot ring anyone to say that you can’t move...

Would you work as an occupational therapist without pay?

How about a speech and language therapist ? Or a teacher ? A nurse? An expert who is called into all these important meetings about the person you are caring for because that's your job; you know them best - would you answer all the emails, make the phone calls, attend all the meetings, arrange all the appointments, the travel to and from, the minding of your other kiddies ...would you do all that for roughly 214 euro a week ?

To say we the carers of Ireland are treated ‘less than’ , is an understatement.

We should be paid a fair wage.

We should not be considered unemployed.

We should not be paid under a social welfare payment.

And every single carer along this island should have at the very least the same annual holiday with pay like everyone else who pays taxes.

We pay taxes too.

Raising awareness for carers this week is important and the carers association have done and continue to do a great job but the reality is the events and the meet ups tend to be aimed at carers who can leave their homes ; sadly I know many that can’t.

Myself included.

What happens to us?

What about our voices?

Who would want to be a carer ? The answer to that is no one.

And yes I can tell you all the wonderful things my son has taught me but this isn’t about him, this is about me and us , the carers of this island who have had enough of begging, pleading and asking for supports from a government who find it very simple to ignore us as they know there’s not a lot we can do .

Or is there?

Ireland became one voice for equal marriage rights.

Ireland changed the way pregnant women are looked after under our health care.

Could Ireland possible change the way carers are treated?

“It will never affect me” … any one can become a carer at any point in their lives . We are not special, we were not ‘chosen’ ...

Time will tell.

#Carersweek2018 #carersrights #bloveethan #itsmeandethan
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  1. Did you ever find out what the canteen lady’s name was? I have 2 aunts who work there and was just wondering if it was one of them. Because the way you describe her sounds like them both. But all the staff are so kind and get little or no recognition for the job they do. So from myself and the many times I’ve spent overnight with my 3 boys (ESPECIALLY my eldest son now 18) thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart xxxx

    1. Hey Suzanne! Yes I did indeed. Nora is the lovely ladies name! Yoou’re absolutley right, there are many amazing ladies and gents working there, that’s for sure. Thank you so much for taking the time to get in contact. Wishing you and your boys well x

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