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5 days ago

It's me & Ethan

Carers week is coming (June 10th-16th)

Let's talk frankly about carers,shall we ?

If a carers spouse earns over a certain amount of money the carers money reduces; yet the likelyhood is that the carer is doing more work than ever so that the partner or spouse can excell at their job.

Caring increases as the person ( in my case,my son) ages; for many many carers across our island this is a fact - yet there are no pay increases.

Heck, you can't even get carers if the state decides you have enough money 🤣 So you're working for absolutely nothing and saving the state millions🤷

Carers is taxed👇

"Carer's Allowance or Carer's Benefit are not taken into account when determining the home carer's income but they are taxable sources of income.Jan 3, 2019"


It is not seen as an income 🤷

Some local city councils see carers as an income when they are working out your rent; yet when you try to purchase the house , the same council tell you carers is NOT an income 🤦🤷

Now,I can go on and on ...📒

But I won't,instead I'll leave you with this - Carers become carers due to circumstances - they continue to do the caring because of love.

There's no in-between.

Love is what makes a carer keep caring; government ensures that a carer will have nothing once the caring is done 🅾️

I will be unemployable and asked what I did with the missing years of my working life - my life caring for my beautiful boy won't matter or count for anything to the world outside because our government have also ensured that 🤮

I will not be seen as a person who contributed to society.

Circumstances can make any of YOU reading this a carer .

I'm tired of being a carer; seen as a burden and made beg for every little bit of help,to prove this that and the other 🤦

Then being made feel awful for feeling this way 😔

To be told over and over by society that I'm great and special - I'm not - I'm a carer, a person that our government don't see and refuse to see.

This voting day, cast your vote well, I implore you to see what each of these politicians are doing for the carers of our island -

And yes, the tone of this is annoyance because I'm tired,I'm tired for being punished for loving my son and still being seen as 'just a carer'

And no, I've no march organised or no protest because I'm too busy doing my job as a full time carer.

Maybe that's what the government rely on, eh ?

#getoutandvote #carersofireland #itsmeandethan
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7 days ago

It's me & Ethan

I told myself no matter what, I would not watch Game Of Thrones at stupid o clock in the morning,I knew this would require willpower - 🤷 if I was going to be up anyway wasn't an excuse good enough, according to the husband 😂😁 - so willpower it was 💪

I had a blanket laid on the brown chair which was pulled beside Ethan's comfy seat.

I had his seat titled.

I had his juice measured,so all I had to do was add the thickener in .

Inhalers were left on the table ready to use while the calpol was sitting neatly beside a syringe.

I was ready for a long rough night with Ethan,who had been sent home from respite sick with another chest infection 😷

Poor kid had a rough night after partying too hard on Saturday( THANK YOU ALL FOR THE LOVELY BIRTHDAY MESSAGES FOR ETHAN 💕)

I'm not a novice at these kinds of nights .

I laid in bed waiting to hear if Ethan coughed too much or too often.

I got out of our bed to double check that the camera in Ethan's room wasn't lying to me.

I spent most of my night going in and out of Ethan's room.

Ethan slept the whole night .

He woke at 7am with a wheeze .

Tiredly I carried him down the stairs and gently changed him.

He was quiet.

I decided I would peg feed him, so slowly I pushed his fortisip through his peg.

An hour or so later after all the meds where done he turned to me and quietly said "swiper" -

That was five hours ago .

We are still watching Dora and with each episode Ethan becomes more engaged ,more excited .

I decided a spoon feed might just work and so he's had his lunch ,juice and is now playing with my Facebook camera .

The respite team were quick to spot an infection beginning, which has made a huge difference to Ethan and in turn me .

Ethan should be back at school tomorrow with his Spiderman Balloon for all to see 🙏

I think this is the first night in all his 17 years that a chest infection has not kept him awake all night fighting to breath .

Thank you super crew at Respite 🙌🙌😘

Some pics of my little man smiling through it all and laughing at me for staying awake most of the night and not even watching The Game Of Thrones 😂🤣

#bloveethan #itsmeandethan #chestinfectionagain
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  1. Did you ever find out what the canteen lady’s name was? I have 2 aunts who work there and was just wondering if it was one of them. Because the way you describe her sounds like them both. But all the staff are so kind and get little or no recognition for the job they do. So from myself and the many times I’ve spent overnight with my 3 boys (ESPECIALLY my eldest son now 18) thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart xxxx

    1. Hey Suzanne! Yes I did indeed. Nora is the lovely ladies name! Yoou’re absolutley right, there are many amazing ladies and gents working there, that’s for sure. Thank you so much for taking the time to get in contact. Wishing you and your boys well x

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