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Can't believe I won something 😂🙌 #PositivityCorner thank you @eumom
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15 hours ago

It's me & Ethan

Age. It's a funny thing .

I remember a few years ago a birthday of mine would have been celebrated through a haze of drink and a well earned hangover which would linger for two days after 🙄😜🤣

For my 37th birthday my hubby booked us a weekend away ,very near home yet far enough away 😉

We stayed in what we now know as a "hippy commune"

This house sleeps 16 but I'm pretty sure 20 could easily fit.

There were ,in the end , 8 of us that gave up the weekend to feed our hippy souls.

It was amazing.

We were in the middle of the countryside with only herbs ,cats and wilderness all around us .

We sat with those who lived on site, they were beyond friendly ; they told us of why they chose to live in a commune and how their life has changed since. ( I'll admit ,I was a little envious of their freedom )

We sat and drank tea, coffee and whiskey by the open turf fire .(not all in the one cup 🤣)

We played cards .

We even played Monopoly - when was the last time you sat with adults and played a simple game ?!

We tried to play the piano 😜

We stood in awe of one hell of record collection with a sound system ready to play whatever we wanted ,whenever we wanted .

We cooked , walked the woods , went to the river and climbed barbed fences and electric ones - something I haven't done since I was a child .

We found a castle and fairy forts and lots of cows sh#t !

We stayed in a house which was basically handmade from top to bottom ; I'm actually pretty sure I could hide in there and the owners would never know 😲

It really was an Aladdins Cave ; each room made us stop in awe at the love and care that went in to crafting such a room ❤️

A friend of mine who couldn't come , asked me how the weekend was and I replied "it made my inner hippy so happy " - and it did ,it really did.

What I've learned in my now 37 years is that you must nourish your soul too 🙌

And my soul has a bit of hippy in it and this past weekend I definitely let my soul dance; and now my soul is happier.

Thank you to those that could come along - for cooking wonderful food ,for chatting late into the night ,for teaching me how to play certain card games 😉 and for helping make my birthday one I'll not forget 😘

And for those of you reading this , I highly recommend a hippy commune for a friend catch up ,a family gathering or just to get away from it all - it'll definitely do your heart, soul and mind a little good 😍

And Dhana , Aaron and all who live out there -- we will be back 🤞🙌😘
#galwayhiddengems #itsmeandethan #bloveethan
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5 days ago

It's me & Ethan

It's almost back to school time 🙌

I always get a little 'down' this time of year ; nope it's not because I'll miss all the fighting , the "I'm bored" or the keeping them entertained...😉

And no ,honestly , it's not that I'll miss them THAT much - I will but not to the extend of feeling down about it 😜

The down for me is the booklists ,the new this and the new that ..

The reality that once again Ethan doesn't need anything like that - there is no booklist ,no choice subjects , not even a uniform ( he doesn't grow much ) ...

Instead; it's ensuring I've enough medications , peg cleaning equipment, nappies ,wipes ,inhalers ...

It's ensuring the bus can take the wheelchair , it's finding out when the bus is coming and who his aid on the bus is (secretly hoping nothing changes as you and Ethan don't want to start all over again with new people 😑)

When I meet other parents with booklists in hand and we chat at the checkout , they ask the same questions -"how many have you for back to school?" Or "oh two teenagers ,god love ya, that's expensive business" ...

I smile and agree.

It's a little sad though for me and I know they don't know that .

Each year I buy Ethan a new uniform ,lunchbox ( not so much as bag ,as his one currently has fantastic space for all his extra stuff for going to school) and coat just because I want to or I feel I should🙄

I can't even buy shoes as they are specially made for him.

It's a wierd sadness and one that only parents of kids with extra needs ,can really understand .

I don't think much about Ethan's differences but sometimes it's the routine, the mundane things that catch both me and D off guard .

It's a harder part of Ethan's life .

It's forever reminding us to be thankful for what we have but it also makes it hard not to be a bit envious of the parent with two teenagers and a huge booklist ...

#backtoschool #bloveethan #itsmeandethan
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7 days ago

It's me & Ethan

Apparently yesterday was international left handed day .

I am a ciotóg .

Despite some nuns best efforts , I remain a ciotóg.

Being left handed hasn't really bothered me since leaving school 🤭

School was always the place where I found it that bit harder ; for example I learned all the cords to Christy Moore's "Ride on" upside down as I was holding the guitar the "wrong" way for a whole year 😂 it felt right to me !

I also had a lot of ink on my hand especially after English class and note taking 😉

My math teacher was a cute one - she would call us up to the board to show the class how we got the solution to a particular difficult math problem.

She called me once .

I got as far as the board . "Actually Geraldine ,sit down , I'll get someone else "

I smiled,relieved I wouldn't have to explain the maths question infront of the whole class .

She had spotted which hand I took the chalk in and decided it was best if I told the other girl exactly what to write as I explained how I got my solution to the math problem 🤬

Every other teacher just didn't call me to the board but she wasn't letting me off that easily 🤣.

Primary school (in the 80s) was way tougher on me and my left handedness 🤭

Nuns .

Lots of nuns .

One told me the devil was working through me while the other refused to teach me to crochet😲

Pretty sure that wouldn't happen today , would it ?

Learning the tin whistle was one of the most difficult things for me , I just had to try to be right handed as I was corrected so much for holding the whistle 'wrong'.😲

The nun I had in secondary school decided that the sewing machine wasn't for my kind but insisted I sew just as fast as those who were right handed and got to use the machine .

That didn't stop me trying the machine which I broke 🤭

I hate sewing , obviously- the nuns made sure I would 🤣

Yes , yesterday was a day for me and my "kind" who can get confused when you hand them a scissors ,but hey , I hear we are a creative bunch 🤣😂😉

To my fellow ciotógs the struggle is real 🙌 keep on left handing in a right handed world 😂😉

Any of you good folks in my group ?

My sister, my brother and mother are all in my group , so they understood the struggle and on a serious note they had it a lot worse than me at school 😲 it was horrible for them , much easier for me 🙌

#lefthanded #itsmeandethan #bloveethan
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1 week ago

It's me & Ethan

Dyson Pure Cool is Cool
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2 weeks ago

It's me & Ethan

I've had dogs as pets throughout my childhood .

I've shared my childhood fears ,my adult dreams with them as we sat side by side on the dirty kerb of the footpath .

There is something magical about a child and a dog .

We get to talk to them without judgement and they sit long enough to hear the whole story ; well that's how I felt with my childhood dog , Trixie.

Our middle son begged for a dog for years but with Ethan's syndrome it just wasn't possible .

A dog ,back then would have been too much.

We thought about getting a service dog but decided that even with training ,the poor dog would be too much of a target for Ethan.

It wouldn't be fair on anyone especially the middle son who begged for a pet .

There's a huge difference between a service dog and a pet.

As the years passed Ethan became less aggressive ,less mobile and less likely to mistreat a dog .

We decided we should look into a pet .

She's the rainbow after an awful 18 months of watching Hunter Syndrome ravish not only Ethan but our family too.

All our boys needed a bit of joy after that storm.

She is an easy dog .

She listens .

She does what she asked.

She know the rules but still likes to push boundaries ; especially the food bin.

She's what you would call " a good girl " .

I hear my middle guy talk to her and I remember how I would talk to Trixie .

I see my youngest put his hero collection on her back and include her in his games .

She loves being the big white"monster" in his games and his videos .

And then I see this ...

She crawls beside him . He pulls at her ears while she gently licks his curled fingers . She sits until he pushes her away . She follows him when I take him out for a walk . She is there every morning guiding me down the stairs while I struggle to get Ethan safely down and when I do , she sits with her tail wagging as if to congratulate me and Ethan .

She minds him and truthfully she minds me too .

She's fitted right in and now almost 8 months later , we cannot imagine our family without her .

Yes ,indeed she is a "good girl"

Dogs are definitely for life ❤️

Anyone else just adore their pets ?

#bloveethan #itsmeandethan #dogs
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  1. Did you ever find out what the canteen lady’s name was? I have 2 aunts who work there and was just wondering if it was one of them. Because the way you describe her sounds like them both. But all the staff are so kind and get little or no recognition for the job they do. So from myself and the many times I’ve spent overnight with my 3 boys (ESPECIALLY my eldest son now 18) thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart xxxx

    1. Hey Suzanne! Yes I did indeed. Nora is the lovely ladies name! Yoou’re absolutley right, there are many amazing ladies and gents working there, that’s for sure. Thank you so much for taking the time to get in contact. Wishing you and your boys well x

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