Casts and Ethan~ not fun

Day two of Ethan in casts.

So far I have learned the breaks on his buggy will not stop him from moving the buggy, they will slow him down but not stop him. I have learned to move fast when passing him when he is sitting. There is nothing more he enjoys than kicking me as I pass. It hurts, me not him, he finds it highly amusing. He can unlock himself from the buggy, despite the fact that it is a specially designed buggy which promises even Houdini himself would struggle~ which is clearly a lie.
There is no such thing as calling me or D if he wants something, oh no, not our Ethie. He will unlock himself, try to get out of the buggy, a lot like Bambi on ice. I run and grab his little body, which makes him laugh and wriggle. I don’t want him to wriggle, he is strong and unbalanced, this makes for a potential broken back for me and new casts for him. Neither appeals to me. So I yell for my back up. D will come in and gently lift him up so I can straighten his legs under him. I will take his hands in mine and let him lean on me to get where he wants to go. Which with Ethan, can be round and round in circles.
He does not like holding my hands, he shrugs me away unless I tell him “Mommie helping Ethan”, “We get something nice?” I add, knowing he will definitely not let go now that there are sweets on offer! “Ohkay” he will smile and inch along with me. He is not in pain but I still hate seeing him trying to walk in these casts. His little body twisting as he goes from one foot to the other. The shoes for these casts did not work for Ethan, he broke them, the walking frame became a weapon so all we were left with was to use his buggy and let him walk on the casts in the hope that he doesn’t crack them. So far, so good.
He cannot walk up the stairs, he refuses to shimmy up it using his bum. He will wait for his daddys lift, arms out stretched “W’eady Daddy”, D will lift him while Ethan smothers his daddy with blove, blove. “Bedtime buddy” “Ohkay”. He is quiet happy to get the personal lift upstairs. Giggling the whole way up, D dodging his casted legs. He will stay in his bed until morning time.
The mornings are proving tricky. For a child who needs a shower every single morning, washing him without wetting his casts isn’t the easiest job in the world. He will not let me put plastic bags over the casts either, so I’ve to wash him while he leans on my head and the sink, giggling as he thinks I am tickling him on purpose. Trust me I am not. I try to wash him as quickly as I can while he giggles, hits, shouts and wriggles. Thank God for our non slip bathroom floor. I’ve managed only to wet the casts twice, fingers crossed that, that is kind of okay!
I don’t repeat this performance during the day, regardless of how dirty he may get. Baby wipes will suffice!
He will happily bum shuffle down the stairs as long as I do too. I’ve discovered, I’m too old for this but have little choice.
School tomorrow, I have yet to figure out how to fold the buggy, and unfold it so I can show the staff, there’s a lever underneath the seat, I have no clue what it does or doesn’t do. My Sunday night will be spent learning how to fold and unfold a special needs buggy.
I thought I’d have a bit less stress with Ethan being less mobile, I’ve got to admit, so far, that’s not true at all. I can’t trust him not to try to get out of his buggy, not to run and not to kick the baby or J and I’ve to get up before he even thinks about waking up, each morning before he adds a splash of brown to his blue casts.
It’s gonna be a long six weeks….


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