Budget cuts

Ethan got his casts off on Friday. I spent the last three weeks( when he was in casts) getting his physio team ready and his orthopaedic team ready. Both need to be involved in his recovery.
They were apparently ready for him Monday morning. Meanwhile his casts came off, we were met with a nasty soar, which was badly infected. Ethan is on two different antibiotics now, luckily it is clearing up.
Monday morning, another gp visit, then off to school for his therapies. His teacher met us and informed us that they were unable to see Ethan until Friday. Yes, Friday. Ethan cannot walk. His muscles are gone in his legs. He cannot put any weight on them. We’ve been ‘walking’ him but he just drags his legs, repeating he is soar.
Budget cuts. Budget cuts are the reason Ethan has to wait, even though his service providers were informed about his casts coming off and agreed to seeing him on the Monday. He’s simply not an emergency.
For us, it is most definitely an emergency- I’ve to lift him to the toilet, the bedroom, in and out of his chair. I’m about 10 stone, Ethan is easily 6 and built like a rock.
I’m worried he will loose the skill of walking, which I voiced at the initial appointment before he ever got Botox. I was laughed at.
I’ve also been ringing the national children’s hospital,( they preformed the Botox) to no avail. Can you believe that?! I can’t get hold of any one single person on his team, not one.
So tomorrow is Wednesday, I will,spend it on the phone trying my best to get Ethan to see a therapist before Friday. When I get hold of any member of his team, I will probably loose my ‘shit’, at the wrong person, no doubt.
It’s just been a terrible experience that I will never agree to again.
We’ve had a tough week of it and it doesn’t look like Ethan will be walking any time soon.
My heart breaks for my jumping ,yelping, wandering little super boy.



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