Blove don’t last that long!

Ethan had a crush. This was the first time I was to see my boy ‘woo’ a lady!

He stood perfectly still watching her. PERFECTLY STILL~ Ethan does not do still!

He watched her from a safe distance as she went from one side of the room to the other.
His eyes danced when she waved at him. He bashfully tucked his chin in and looked up through his long dark eyelashes, going red as she called him.
He looked at me, I tried not to laugh, I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. “Go on” I smiled. He puffed his chest out, shoulders back, up on his tip toes he limped over to her. He gave her a small wave. Playing it cool, I smiled as I watched him happily go to his new home infusion nurse. Jayous Thursdays could become a lot easier if this continues I thought, I skipped ahead of him and into his playroom.

He stretched out his arms, she embraced him, he quickly planted a sloppy wet kiss on her cheek. She laughed. “Freddie time” she took him by the hand. He happily took it.
I sat on the chair as she walked him to me. “Not you” he looked down at me. ” Ah that’s charming” I took his hand as he sat on my lap watching her. I kissed his cheek. He giggled.
She began preparing his infusion. He watched her every move, grinning from ear to ear. Every time she spoke, he watched her lips.His eyes widening with every word. “Blove, Blove” he roared at her. “Awe thank you Ethan. B loves you too”, she cleaned his port. He actually LET her. Normally it takes an army to hold him down. No sweating for me today, no wrapping my legs over his, no placing one of his hands behind my back so he can’t punch me and no need to hold his head with mine…wow I think my Thursdays are going to be great from here on…”FUG OFF, FUG OFF, FUG OFF” I was brought back to reality pretty quickly, as my ninja moves were needed. ” No more love for me” she smiled. “He saw the needle” I sighed.

As short lived as it was, I believe, had there been no needle, Ethan would be still in love with B this week.Damn needle, looks like I won’t be retiring my ninja moves anytime soon!


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