Beautiful Child

So I think the school may have had enough of Ethan’s obsession with Christmas…

As I have said before Ethan tends to skip over Halloween and heads straight for the big guy in red. Not because he associates him with gifts, although a couple of years ago, that would have been fair to say, but now it is simply because he loves Santa.
Awww how cute I can almost hear you all cooing. No. No it is not!
I did prefer when I was able to explain to him how Halloween had to come first, then a few weeks and then Santa,first using my ‘lamh’ signs, then using his picture board; now though he has lost the ability to understand time in any concept~ Which is obviously a stark reminder of what Hunter Syndrome does but, but I try my best not to dwell on these kind of things, instead I can see the funny side in most of the things Ethan does, regardless of Hunter Syndrome, Ethan is a funny fecker!
Ethan for the last few weeks now, has been screaming ‘TRISSMAS’ randomly. I had made a decision to ignore it, in the hope that it will fade away, like so many of his ‘ticks’ that come and go, along with many of his words.
He is however, now stuck on a loop.Once a new-ish word is thrown out there, he will repeat it for a few weeks, then it’s gone, most of the time, it’s gone forever. But not Christmas or Santa. So I can only guess, the lovely TV is to blame for his rediscovery of the word CHRISTMAS. “It ‘Trissmas yee-haw” he yells and roars, up to 100 times a day.
It is not cute. It drives me insane. Ignoring it has clearly not been working, so I decided to try to explain to him that Halloween first, then Christmas.”Oh tay” he smiles. “Good boy”, that was two hours well spent, I congratulated myself as I put him into his bed. I point to my eye, Ethan laughs “I”, I point to my heart,”blove”, I point to him “you” he giggles as I kiss his forehead. He used to tell me he bloved me all the time, but lately he needs prompting, and thats just that. (Like I say, I lock an awful lot away) It is important to enjoy Ethan as he is, in the here and now, not back there and then, I never consider the future, well, I try hard not to.
Today, he got up, waddled over to me, kissed me. “Morning Ethie” “Trissmas?” he asked. Ah shite I thought as I literally dealt with the same.
“Nope” I continued to clean him…carefully. “Hal’ween?”,I stopped. “Nearly baby, nearly. Good boy” I kissed his soft lips. “Trissmass?”. “No,no buddy” I started to wash under his arms. He giggled, like he always does. “Hal’ween?”, “Not yet” I dried him, put on his roll-on, while he squirmed,”tickle” he laughed. “All done” I pat his head as we begin the 10 minute dressing routine. “Trissmass?” I don’t respond. I’m trying my hardest to get his pull-up on while he twists and turns tapping my head. “Hal’ween?” and this goes on and on,while he is being dressed, feed, medicated and onto the school bus. “Have a good day” I blow him a kiss. “Bye mom,it’s Trissmass, whoo hoo” he roars as the helper Lee closes the door.
My day was nothing exciting,so by the time Ethan’s bus pulled up, I was happy to see him, I find I am (almost!)always happy to see him, to be honest, no one, no child can love you so much and express it so well like my Ethan, he makes me feel special, like I am the only one in his world, selfish of me? Maybe, but it’s the truth.
Don’t get me wrong, there are days I have threatened to sell him on Ebay, but days when he comes back happy are brilliant days.It is the little things eh?!
I approached the bus to be met with the usual smiling Ethan while Lee was, well, she was pissing herself with laughter. I smiled, “Oh no. What did he do?” I looked at Ethan who had covered his mouth with his chubby curled fingers, but I could tell through his eyes that he was smiling.
“He, ah stop, he’s only adorable” she laughed. Helping Ethan out of the bus and into his buggy, she stepped off the bus. “He got on the bus, you know the usual, I was expecting to hear the ‘C’ word and the ‘H’ word, but he, ” she giggled, “He says, ‘H’ first. Relax about ‘C’”. She laughed. “Ohh, sounds like teacher has had enough” I giggled, “Oh yeah, then I said, that’s right Ethan, he says, ‘C’ long bloody time, relax” . She was wiping the tears from her eyes.”Jesus, they really have had enough” I laughed while Ethan demanded to be brought inside. “Ah yeah, but he is awful cute.” she climbed back on the bus, “Oh, I forgot, he has a lovely new word for you” she winked and closed the bus door.
I wheeled Ethan inside, helped him up and walked him into the sitting room, where he cuddled me and smothered me in kisses.”Mom beautiful” he smiled as I felt my heart leap, leap with pride, my boy had just called me beautiful, something he had not said to me in over 3 years.

“Trismass?” he asked as my day just suddenly got longer!


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